Top 5 Best 40 Inch 4k Tv In 2019 Reviews

There are different brands of 40 inch 4K TVs in the market. It is necessary to carry out enough research so that you can locate the best. Some of the factors you should take into consideration include the features available in the TVs. The screen type also matters; there are others with the curved screen while others have high pixels than others. The price of the different 40 inch 4K TVs also matters. If you would like to operate on a given budget, then it is necessary to look for a TV set which your budget can easily accommodate.

Table of the Best 40 Inch 4k Tvs:


Samsung UN40MU7000 40 Inch 4K TVS

40 Inch 4K tvs- Samsung UN40MU7000 Ultra HD Smart LED TV

It is a 40 Inch 4K HD Smart LED TV which you can buy and enjoy crystal clear pictures. The 4K color drive pro can reveal a wide range of spectrum so that you can enjoy realistic colors.

It creates a more authentic picture so that you can always enjoy your viewing experience. The wide range of colors and contrast makes it achieve clear view than most full HD TVs with a 4KHDR pro. It has an inbuilt feature which automatically detects after which it controls all your connected devices.

There is no manual programming required for you to start enjoying the TV programs. Smooth action on fast moving pictures is made possible by the motion rate 120.


  • 4K color drive pro for a wide range of the spectrum
  • The wide range of color and contrast
  • No manualprogramming
  • Smooth action pictures


  • Devices should be on the same network to be connected

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Samsung UN40JU640DFXZA 40 Inch 4K TVS

40 Inch 4K tvs - Samsung UN40JU640DFXZA 40-Inch LED TV

It is a refurbished unit which you can access at cheap rice. You may be looking for a TV set, but your budget is restricting you. You can save a lot of money if you opt for the refurbished sets.

They work just like other new models, but they have been refurbished to correct some complications which may have been brought about due to different reasons. Some of the features which make the TV set stand out include the refresh rate.

It has a refresh rate of 120 CMR (Effective) (60Hz) which makes it very clear. You will never regret about the picture quality if you can buy the TV set. The LED backlight assures you crystal clear pictures in each action movie or any other TV program you would like to enjoy watching. It comes with input ports such as 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI ports.

The HDMI ports provided makes it easy for you to connect the screen to computers and other devices in your home. Your entertainment will be taken a notch high upon buying the TV set.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi makes it possible for you to connect the set online and enjoy endless entertainment opportunities online. Audio quality is great to assure you the best music listening experience.


  • Smart functionality
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • High refresh rate
  • 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports


  • Refurbished

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Sceptre 40 Inch 4k Tvs

40 Inch 4k Tvs - Sceptre 40 4K Ultra HD LED TV 2160p 60Hz U405CV

The 4K HD LED TV has several features which make it a great addition to your home. Some of the  features you will enjoy upon buying the TV set include 2160p and 60Hz refresh rate.

With 8 million pixels, you enjoy brilliant clarity and color. It is a TV set which you can use to enjoy different TV programs. Pictures reaching your eyes will appear real. It displays four times the pixels a full HD display TV can reach.

When looking for a TV which can assure you more lifelike pictures, then going for spectra will be a great decision. You can connect up to four devices due to the availability of the HDMI ports. The HDMI 2.0 allows you to stream videos from any device.

It does not matter the app you love; you can have it streaming direct to your screen so that you can enjoy the online content. Your smartphone, tablet or computer can be easily connected to the TV screen to achieve realistic pictures.

The mobile high definition link port allows you to connect the smartphone to the screen. With the innovative USB port, you can expand the functionality of the TV set to enjoy listening to music and watch digital pictures conveniently.


  • 8 millionpixels
  • 4HDMI ports
  • Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port
  • Innovative USB port


  • No inbuilt Wi-Fi

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Bolva 40BL00H7 40 Inch 4k Tvs

40 Inch 4k Tvs - Bolva 40BL00H7 40 4K Ultra HD UHDTV

The TV comes with 4K HD resolution to assure you great success in your TV watching. Hz refresh rate ensures you achieve lifelike pictures. You have up to 4 HDMI ports and 1 USB.

The four ports make it easy for you to connect the TV set to different devices. If you have computers you would love to stream content; you can utilize the four ports provided.

Other components which you can connect to the TV set include 1 MHL component which allows you to connect the TV set to mobile devices. RF inputs and optical audio makes the TV a great device you can have in your home.

Other features which make the TV set stand out include an analog audio output and full-featured remote control OSD menu. Menus are available in French, English, and Spanish.


  • 4K HD Resolution
  • 4 HDMI and 1 USB port
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate


  • Analog Audio Output

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VIZIO D40u 40 Inch 4k Tvs

40 Inch 4k Tvs - VIZIO D40u-D1 40-inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The TV set has a stunning ultra HD picture display capability. You will experience incredible detail as well as clarity with the 8.3 million pixels. Spatial scaling engine helps you transform 1080p full HD programs to 4K Ultra HD resolution.

With VIZIO internet apps, you can stream any entertainment channel from the internet. Inbuilt Wi-Fi allows you to access different online entertainment content. The performance assures you smooth and faster TV watching experience.


  • Quality Ultra HD picture
  • Spatial Scaling Engine
  • VIZIO Apps Plus
  • 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi


  • Analog Audio Output

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There are different 40 inch 4K TV sets in the market, always go for one which has quality sound output. Digital sound output tends to perform better than analog. A TV which can allow you connect to the internet and enjoy streaming such as Samsung Electronics can be an excellent choice.