Top 10 Best Bath Towels In 2019 Reviews

Hello guys, if you are reading this, that means you are shopping for a quality towel set. Congratulations on taking a great first step to finding the right product with value for money. With too many substandard towel sets that will fade, wear and tear faster than expected out there, I understand that quality remains your number one priority.

To help you save time and effort checking out reviews and feedback for numerous products to make a buying decision, I researched and put together a list of the top ten best bath towels and sets based on consumer ratings and expert feedback. You can choose one of the products below without worrying about not getting value for your money:

Table of the Best Bath Towel Sets:

10. Salbakos Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towel Set

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This is an incredible 4-pack towel set containing large bath towels measuring 27 x 54 inches and made from 100% genuine Turkish cotton, each. The Turkish imported towel set offers 100% satisfaction guarantee with each towel boasting superior quality construction characterized by double-stitched as opposed to single stitched hems for extra durability.

In addition, each towel is vat dyed for hours so colors (including white) will not fade over time as is the case for some poor quality towels out there.

9. Home and Plan Luxury Extra Large 8-Piece Turkish Towel Set

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This is a complete 8-piece home towel set with 2 oversized XL bath towels for adults (30″x60″), 2 bath towels for boys and girls (24″x48″), 2 hand towels (15.5″x27″), and 2 wash cloths (12″x12″). The bath towels are extra large to give you plenty of wrap, warmth and luxury comfort after you step out of the shower.

Additionally, all towels are designed to dry fast and absorb all the moisture from your body, making for a perfect set for not only a bathroom, but also commercial applications such as salon, guesthouse, gym, yoga and massage spa.

8. Towel Bazaar Turkish Cotton & Eco-Friendly Bathroom Towel Set

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This is an incredible 6-piece towel set with 2 x bath towels (27 x 54 inches), 2 x hand towels (16 x 30 inches), 2 x wash clothes (13 x 13 inches) is imported from Turkey. Each towel is made from the premium quality Turkish cotton, boasting a lightweight, soft and absorbent design.

And for those with sensitive skin types, this towel set is the best drying solution as each towel does not contain any harmful chemical solvents or dangerous dyes as is the case for many substandard quality towels out there.

7. Stone & Beam Heavyweight Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Set

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This is a wonderful 3-piece towel set with 1 x bath towel (1 56″L x 30″W), 1x hand towel (30″L x 16″W) and 1 x wash cloth (130″L x 16″W). The Turkish imported towel set boasts a premium quality construction with 100% Turkish cotton, ensuring extra performance, extra comfort and extra durability.

Plus, you will be blown away by the look and feel of this soft, luxurious set of 1 bathroom towel, 1 hand towel and 1 wash cloth.

6. Cotton Craft Quick Drying & Extra Absorbent Bath Towel Set

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Cotton Craft offers one of the best bath towels in terms of construction quality, performance, comfort and durability. Their complete towel set above contains 3 pieces of different types of towels i. e 1 x bath towel (56″L x 30″W), 1 x hand towel (30″L x 16″W) and 1x washcloth (13″L x 13″W).

Each towel is made from a material combination of 100% Turkish cotton Loops and 100% cotton-in-ground to ensure extra absorbency, extra luxurious comfort and extra durability. In other words, these towels provide an extra of every benefit a quality towel provides.

5. Utopia Towels 700 GSM Premium Bath Towel Set

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This amazing Utopia Towels set contains seven pieces of Navy bath towels. Measuring 27”x52”, each towel is made from 100% pure Ringspun cotton and designed with sewn edges for extra durability.

Likewise, each towel is lightweight, making for an easy to use piece that absorbs moisture(extra)and dries fast. In addition, you will be impressed by the beautiful, brilliant and vibrant Navy color of these towels, which is highly functional, durable and entertaining.

4. White Classic Luxury Large, White Bath Towel Set

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This incredible Luxury White bath towels set contains four bathroom towel pieces, measuring 27 x 54 inches each. Made from Circlet Egyptian cotton, one bath towel from the set is what you need to wrap yourself in blissful luxury. You can let your family and guests use the remaining pieces.

Each towel is durable, lightweight, as well as incredibly absorbent, which are some of the reasons we recommend the set. Plus, you can use this easy care towels at home or in your business premises (i.e. hotel or spa) without worrying about suitability.

3. Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Premium 4-Piece Bath Towel Set

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Made in Turkey, the Luxury Premium Long-Stable Hotel & Spa bathroom towel set by Chakir Turkish Linens offers great performance with 100% satisfaction. Containing 4 pieces of bathroom towels, measuring 27in X 54in, this product impresses with a soft, luxurious feel and quality in general.

Perfect for home, hotel and spa applications, each towel is made from 100% Turkish cotton that is famous to get softer with continued use.

2. Cotton Craft 4 Pack – Ultra Soft Extra Large Bath Towel Set

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The list of top ten best bath towels and sets would not be complete without a mention of the Cotton Craft 4-pack towel set. The set contains 4-pieces of ultra soft, extra large, oversized towels measuring 30in x54in.

Plus, each towel is made out of 100% ringspun cotton that is thick, soft and comfortable not to mention absorbent and durable. These rugged yet soft bathroom towels, besides home use, are also perfect for use as on the beach, thanks to their versatile indoor/outdoor design.

1. Chakir Turkish Linens 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel Set

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Chakir Turkish Linens’ Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath towel set comes with four 27’’ x 54’’ bathroom towels. Constructed from 100% genuine Turkish cotton, these Turkish imported towels boast extra softness, luxury, durability, absorption, elegant and stylishness.

Designed with machine wash and dry in mind, they are great for everyday bathroom use in both domestic and commercial applications.

3 Expert Tips to Buy a Bath Towel Set

Consider size.

Towels come in different sizes and dimensions, of course, according to type. For instance, conventional bath towels can measure 27″ x 54″(L X W), 30’’ x 54’’ (L x W), 30’’ x 60’’ (L x W), etc. Keeping in mind that larger towels offer a wider wrap, choose a towel set according to your size preference.

Consider use.

ome bathroom towel sets come complete with several pieces of different types of towels according to use. Such sets may include bath towels, face towels, hand towels, wash clothes, bath sheets, etc. Other sets comprise a few pieces of a specific towel type like bath towels or bath sheets. For everyday use, choose a set that comes with a variety of towels.

Consider the material.

Towel sets come with pieces that are constructed from either cotton or cotton-polyester. However, top of the range towels feature cotton that may be constructed in a variety of ways, such as combed, ringspun, etc to ensure maximum comfort, absorption, ease of care and durability.

Final Thoughts

Some of the best bath towels and sets on the market come from Home and Plan, Towel Bazaar, Stone & Beam, Cotton Craft, Utopia Towels, White Classi, Salbakos as well as Chakir Turkish Linens. These brands offer towels with extra luxury comfort, absorbency and durability. When choosing the right towel set from towels belonging to them though, be sure to use the expert tips above to get your hands on a set that is most appropriate for your needs and situation.