Top 10 Best Bath Towel Sets​ In 2020 Reviews

When it comes to choosing bath towels, there are many different options on the market. Towels come in different colors, patterns, and sizes. When it comes to choosing the best towels, your budget can be a determining factor. Some towels can be quite pricey depending on their size, brand, and the materials they’re made from.

Good quality bath towels should be soft and absorbent. Cheaper towels may not feel as nice when you use them, and they’re often not the best at drying you off. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose the most expensive towels. There are plenty of great towels available at a wide range of prices to suit your budget. The following is a list of the 10 best bath towels based on reviews.

10. SALBAKOS 100% Organic Turkish Cotton Luxury Bath Towels

The SALBAKOS set of luxury towels includes 4 large bath towels. They are made from high quality materials and designed to stay soft and absorbent, even after many washes.

This set of towels comes in the featured white and many other colors. They are designed to provide you with a hotel-like experience in the comfort of your home bathroom.

Product Features

– made from 100% organic Turkish cotton

– towels are very thick and fluffy

– they are 700 GSM


– includes 4 matching towels

– extra large size measures 27″ by 54″

– come in many colors


– towels may shed some lint after the first few washings

– price can vary greatly based on color

This set of 4 towels from SALBAKOS come in several color options. The towels are large and made from soft and absorbent Turkish cotton. They are thick and soft to dry you quickly and keep you cozy after bathing.

9. AmazonBasics Quick-Dry Bath Towels

The AmazonBasics Quick-Dry bath towel set includes 2 towels that are available in several color options. These towels are made of high quality materials and are extra absorbent.

This set of 2 towels from AmazonBasics are affordable and versatile. These towels are larger than some other options in the same price range and the measure 30″ by 54″.

Product Features

– made from 100% cotton

– designed to be strong and tear-resistant

– have a simple band detail on the edge


– cotton material is soft to the touch and absorbs water quickly

– they’re designed to dry quickly to prevent mildew or musty smells

– can be washed and dried in your home machines


– may shed lint until they’ve been through a few wash cycles

– these towels may feel too soft for those who prefer a textured towel

This set of 2 towels from AmazonBasics come in several colors and are made of 100% cotton. The towels are machine washable and dryable for convenience.

8. Utopia Towels Luxury Bath Towels

The Utopia Towels Luxury Bath Towels come in a set of 4. These towels are made from 100% ring spun cotton which is soft and designed to last through many wash and dry cycles.

This set of towels from Utopia Towels are highly absorbent but still lightweight and comfortable to use. They absorb moisture quickly but still feel soft and luxurious to the skin.

Product Features

– measure 27″ by 54″

– towels are 700 GSM

– have loops on both size for maximum absorbency


– 100% cotton material is tightly woven for durability and softness

– can be use at home for a spa-like experience

– towels are large enough for use at the pool or beach


– need to be washed once or twice to prevent lint transfer

– may not be as colorfast as some other similarly priced towels

This set of 4 towels from Utopia Towels come in several colors including the featured black. The towels are absorbent and soft to provide you with a luxurious feel after each shower or bath.

7. COTTON CRAFT – 7 Pack White Color Bath Towels

The COTTON CRAFT white bath towels come in a pack of 7. These towels are affordable and ideal for anyone looking for quality bath towels on a tight budget.

These bath towels from COTTON CRAFT are perfect for everyday use. They’re designed to stand up to many wash and dry cycles without losing softness or texture.

Product Features

– made from 100% cotton

– towels measure 27″ by 52″

– available in several colors


– material is soft and absorbent

– budget-friendly

– come in saturated and intense colors


– may not be as fluffy as some higher priced towels

– towels are slightly shorter in length that some other options

This set of 7 towels from COTTON CRAFT are affordable and versatile. They would make a great gift for someone starting out in a new home or for a college student.

6. Luxury Bath Towel Collection Set

The Luxury Bath towel set from Classic Turkish Towels comes in a set of 2. These towels are beautiful and luxurious which makes them a great housewarming or wedding shower gift.

This set of 2 towels are made with 100%Turkish cotton in a jacquard rib style. This style not only makes them look lovely, but also increases their softness and absorbency.

Product Features

– towels measure 27″ by 54″

– include double stitching to prevent fraying over time

– made of eco-friendly materials


– elegant design makes these towels the perfect gift for many occasions

– cotton is plush and very absorbent

– come in several color options including white


– may not be the best value in terms of price and amount of towels in the set

they aren’t as thick as some other available options

This set of 2 bath towels from Classic Turkish Cotton have a beautiful Jacquard design and are made of 100% Turkish cotton. The towels are made of environmentally friendly materials and are easy to wash.

5. Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel

The Luxury Hotel & Spa bath towel set from Chakir Turkish Linens come in a set of 4. These towels are made of a durable and soft cotton that’s designed to stand up to everyday use and many wash cycles.

This set of 4 towels come in white and several other colors. The towels are absorbent and soft to give you a similar experience to using hotel or spa towels.

Product Features

– towels are machine washable and dryable

– made of 100% cotton

– they measure 27″ by 54″


– soft design feels nice on your skin after a bath or shower

– hems are professionally double stitched and designed to last

– towels are free of harmful dyes and chemicals


– they need to be washed a few times before they reach their full level of softness and absorbency

– these towels may release lint after the first few wash and dry cycles

This set of 4 towels from Chakir Turkish Linens make a great gift. The towels are made of 100% cotton and are soft and absorbent. They’re machine washable and dryable for convenience.

4. JML Bath Towels

This set of bath towels from JML are budget-friendly and versatile. These towels would be a great option for someone starting out on their own like a student or new couple in their first home.

This set of affordable towels come in bright white and many other color options. They have an oversized design that makes it easy to dry off quickly once you step out of the shower or bathtub.

Product Features

– towels measure 30″ by 60″

– lint free design

– fade resistant


– oversized design makes it easy to dry off

– designed to absorb 7 times their weight in water

– made of 100% plush soft fleece


– fleece texture may be off-putting to those who prefer cotton towels

– not as thick as towels made of 100% cotton

This set of microfiber bath towels from JML includes 2 oversized towels. They come in many different colors. The towels are soft to the touch and can be washed and dried in your home machines.

3. Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

The Ariv Collection set of bath towels includes 4. These towels come in several colors to easily coordinate with your other bathroom decor. They’re made of high quality materials.

This set of 4 towels from Ariv Collection have an oversized design which works well for those who prefer larger towels. They are soft and absorbent to help you dry off quickly once you step out of the tub or shower.

Product Features

– made of 30% natural bamboo and 30% natural cotton

– fibers are tightly woven for softness and absorbency

– towels are oversized and measure 30″ by 52″


– come in a set of 4 with a satin ribbon which makes them an ideal gift

– made with eco-friendly materials

– easy to care for


– need to be washed separately before use to prevent lint transfer

– not as plush as some other towels

This set of 4 towels comes wrapped with a satin ribbon for gifting. The towels are available in several colors and are made with bamboo and cotton for a soft feel.

2. AmazonBasics 3 Piece Cotton Quick-Dry Bath Towel Set

The AmazonBasics 3 Piece bath towel set is made from materials that are designed to dry you off quickly and to dry quickly once you hang them up. This set is perfect for a college student or anyone on a budget.

This set of towels contains 3 pieces and all are made from 100% cotton. The set is budget-friendly and is available in white and several other colors.

Product Features

– includes a bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth

– lightweight feel

– all pieces are absorbent and soft


– bath towel is oversized and measures 30″ by 54″

– 100% cotton material is strong and tear-resistant

– each piece has simple band and border details


– only includes 1 bath towel

– may shed a lot of lint during first few uses and wash cycles

This 3-piece set from AmazonBasics includes everything you need to get started with bathroom essentials. The bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth in this set are all constructed of 100% cotton and designed to last.

1. Pinzon Heavyweight Luxury Cotton Bath Towel

The Pinzon Heavyweight cotton bath towel is the perfect option for those looking for a luxurious feeling towel that provides the same experience as a nice hotel or spa towel.

This towel from Pinzon by Amazon is made of 100% cotton from Turkey or India. The towel comes in several color options so you can easily find one that matches your bathroom.

Product Features

– includes 1 luxury towel

– plush texture dries your body quickly

– certified by Oeko-Tex for being ecologically safe


– soft and thick texture dries quickly and feels nice on the skin

– towel measures 30″ by 54″, which is larger than some others

– densely woven loops make this towel durable


– pricier than some towels that come in sets

– heavy weight may not be preferred by those who like a lighter feeling towel

This towel from Pinzon by Amazon is designed with comfort in mind. The towel is thick and absorbent to help you dry off quickly. It’s made from 100% cotton and comes in several colors.


When you’re shopping for bath towels, you may first want to look at towels based on their color or pattern to choose ones that will coordinate with your bathroom decor. It is important to choose towels that look nice in your bathroom, but you should also consider the texture and absorbency when choosing the best towels for use in your bathroom. Some towels may look nice hanging up on your towel rack, but they don’t work as well for drying. White towels are always a great option if you prefer the clean and minimalist look in your bathroom space.

Washing instructions can be useful information so you know you’re purchasing towels that are easy to care for. It’s also helpful to choose towels that come in a set with washcloths and hand towels if you need those things. Towel sets can save money and ensure that you have coordinating pieces in your bathroom. Before purchasing your new towels it can be helpful to read online consumer reviews on the options you’re considering for purchase. These reviews can help you choose your new towels based on the quality, ease of cleaning, and how well they stand up to everyday use.

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