Top 10 Best Bathroom Shelves In 2019

The bathroom shelves are found in the bathroom for keeping some of the most used and need items. There are single or more shelves with various layers in different shapes to be mounted on the bathroom walls or even on the surface depending on the size of your bathroom. They are mad of different materials; some are made of glass, wood, and others steel allowing you to choose the one that best suits your bathroom. They are always designed as per your bathroom layout and style.


Target Marketing 50026WHT

10. Target Marketing 50026WHT

This shelf fits so well in a small bathroom which also serves as a toilet since it can be fit on the toilet seat next to the wall and still serves perfectly. It is always white in color with adjustable shelves within a cabinet and an open shelf for storage of those things that you would like to access easily. It is made of high-quality wood and glass.

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KES Aluminum Glass Shelf

9. KES Aluminum Glass Shelf

This is a corner shelf made of aluminum for high quality and durability. It is always mounted on the corner wall for a stylish look and is also made of a thick glass which can also serve well when broken as you wait for a replacement. It is not complicated to install since one need to use screws and after installation gives your bathroom a pretty look and it is sturdy.

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Moen DN0794CH Best Bathroom Shelves

8. Moen DN0794CH Best Bathroom Shelves

This is a classic machined metal design shelf that holds your towels perfectly and can also be used in the kitchen. Best bathroom comes with a lower bar for holding wet towels to dry, and it is available in different finishing. It comes with instructions on mounting it with mounting hardware to make your work easy. It has several shelves with matching colors as per your choice with a lifetime warranty.

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KES Bathroom Shelf

7. KES Bathroom Shelf

This is a small, good looking shelf with accurate dimensions that fits well on a small wall in your bathroom nest to your mirror. It needs accuracy in installing with the help of the manufacturer’s pictures that comes with the instruction note to give you what exactly you requested for as per the picture. It is stainless steel with a high-quality mounting with stainless screws that with giving your bathroom an elegant look.

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Organize It All Metro

6. Organize It All Metro

This is a straight forward simple shelf that assists your issues of storage in the bathroom. Made of metal that does not rust it holds your toilet papers and towels so neatly and looks great. It has a chrome finishing and looks very stylish with modern look and shelves for storing more. It is affordable with a long service in a tight space. For firm and sturdiness, one need to fix all the shelves.

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Organize It All Metro

5. Organize It All Metro

This rack is designed specifically for your bathroom with several shelves to offer more storage spaces for putting grooming necessities, towels and other items you need in your bathroom and toilet. It has a durable frame made of high-quality materials that give it a simple, neat look and blends so well with any décor. It is easy to install and the perfect size for the small bathroom.

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Organize It All

4. Organize It All

This is a shelf made of glass with a wall mounting and a place to put your towels. It is very easy to install by just tightening the screws after positioning them right to the bar arms. It is made of high-quality frosted glass that looks very classic with a thin bar that serves so well. The mounting hardware has an oil rubbed bronze finishing which gives it a classic look, and it is very easy to clean.

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KES Bathroom Shelf

3. KES Bathroom Shelf

This shelf comes with posts and rails made of aluminum which is heavy duty for good quality and longevity with a rust proof finishing to protect it from rust and corrosion. It has a thick glass that can hold many items from your soap shampoo and others and can still work when it is broken, and every purchase comes with a hardware pack. It looks beautiful and very easy to install by mounting it on the wall for stability.

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Fancher Best Bathroom Shelves Shelf

2. Fancher Best Bathroom Shelves Shelf

This shelf is made of durable aluminum rails that do not rust and is very easy to install since there is no drilling involved neither do you require a professional to install it for you. It has a reliable suction stickers which are reusable and very reliable and allows you to change its position to fit perfectly on the shelf. It can be installed on any smooth surface, and it comes with one year warranty.

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KES Best Bathroom Shelves Shelf

1. KES Best Bathroom Shelves Shelf

This shelf works perfectly and looks great in storing your items like shavers and phone chargers. Its rails and post are made of aluminum that is high-quality and durable for excellent service. The rails are then sand-sprayed to protect it from rust. It saves a lot of space for the use of its separate shelves. The glass used is very thick and can still work well even if it is slightly broken.

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It is advisable that looking for a shelf for your bathroom; you need to consider the size and shape of your bathroom so that you go for the shelf that provides more storage space and takes a small space. Most of the shelves are rust resistant and very easy to keep clean.