Top 10 Best Beach Cart In 2019 Reviews

Sometimes going to the beach can be a bulky affair with all the gear, equipment and apparel you have to carry. Well, it is no longer! With the best beach cart, you can move around the beach with ease and convenience and concentrate on having fun rather than dragging your gear around. With plenty of space to accommodate tons of beach gear and even beach chairs, everything fits in a single trolley that rolls easily through the sand. Get out and enjoy the beach, fishing or even camping trips with the convenience of these top 10 best beach carts.

Table of the Best Beach Cart Reviews

10. Catalina Creations Folding Beach Chair and Beach Cart Combo
Beach Cart

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This folding beach cart can also be used as chair at the beach or during fishing or camping. It folds easily making it highly portable and convenient for storage in any car. Additionally, this beach cart has a pocket to store your keys and other small accessories and a flexible sun visor to protect from harmful sun rays. Its sturdy construction also provides plenty of room to make it a comfortable beach seat. This beach cart is also equipped with all-terrain tires that make it easier to push in the sand and loose gravel making it ideal for transporting fishing, swimming, and sporting equipment, and refreshments as well.

9. Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart Includes Cargo Bag With Extra Wide Rear Wheels

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With a sturdy construction, this beach cart can move around weights of up to 100 lbs. It features extra wide tires that allow for easy movement in sand and loose gravel. Among other convenient features, this beach cart has an umbrella holder to shield you from the sun and a removable insulated cargo bag to carry your swimming and fishing equipment. Moreover, it has been designed to hold a large cooler and 4 chairs. This cart has a rust-free steel frame and is conveniently foldable for easy storage.

8. Rio Brands WWWC5-4670 Wonder Wheeler Plus

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With 8 inch wheels that roll comfortably on grass, sand and gravel, there is no better way to transport your fishing or swimming gear in thonbeach. This can cart is innovatively designed with a lower compartment that can hold a 32 quart cooler enough to carry refreshments for your whole family. With plenty of room, you can stack up 4 beach chairs, swimsuits, towels, blankets, beach umbrella and other beach gear in this cart. Moreover, you can use this cart for other purposes when not in the beach and it can accommodate up to 75 lbs. For storage, it folds up easily and can be conveniently stored even in small spaces.

7. Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler

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Equipped with all-terrain wheels, this beach cart can hold a large cooler, 4 chairs, a beach umbrella and other fishing and swimming gear in an easy to push chassis. It also features a removable tote bag, a mesh pouch, a rack bottom tray and a side umbrella holder and can carry weights of up to 100 lbs. Furthermore, this is a multipurpose cart that can be used for laundry, gardening or even for stacking firewood when you are not in the beach. It folds up easily for easy transportation and storage.

6. Beach Cart with Folding Table / Drink Holders by BeachMall

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This cart converts easily from a beach cart to a table making it highly versatile. With a capacity to carry up to 4 chairs, towels, umbrellas and other beach gear you get more convenience on the beach with this cart than anything else. Moreover, it has removable wide wheels that roll comfortably on all terrains making it easy to transport your gear around. With a weight capacity of 75 lbs. this beach cart can also be used in parks, outings, concerts or picnics.

5. The Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Cart by JGR Copa

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Designed with removable extra wide wheels, this beach cart pushes easily through sand and loose gravel to transport your beach gear around. It features a convenient side umbrella sleeve to hold your umbrella in the sun and protect you from the sun. Moreover, its made with highly durable yet lightweight materials that ensure this cart lasts for longer and is not bulky. It conveniently folds flat for easy transportation and storage.

4. JGRC Beach Table Cart

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Able to carry up to 4 chairs, umbrellas, towels and tons of beach gear, this beach table cart is a must have if you want to enjoy your days on the beach. With extra wide wheels, it pushes and rolls smoothly on all terrain making it easy to move around with your gear. Furthermore, this cart is highly versatile and can convert into a table to sit. It also easily folds flat for easy transportation and storage.

3. BeachMall Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

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With extra wide rear wheels, grey/silver mesh, mist finish tubing and a black fabric, this is most convenient beach cart. It rolls easily on all terrain even when carrying bulky gear and is therefore appropriate for moving around the beach or when camping and fishing. Made with durable but lightweight materials, this cart can accommodate tons beach gear and features an embroidered back pocket that provides quick access storage to your smaller accessories. It can also be used for a variety of other purposes such as gardening, picnics or even for doing laundry.

2. Tommy Bahama 2016 All Terrain Beach Cart Includes Cargo Bag With Extra Wide Rear Wheels

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Featuring a powder coating steel frame and a cushioned handle, this beach cart is highly durable. It can hold 4 chairs, a 48 quart cooler and tons of beach gear and transports them easily with extra wide wheels that roll easily on any surface. Moreover, this beach cart features a removable cargo bag for your gear and zippered side pockets. It also has an umbrella holder, and a storage compartment that can carry up to 100 lbs. of weight. This cart folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

1. Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

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With a load capacity of 100 lbs. this beach cart can accommodate a 48 quart cooler, 4 beach chairs and tons of other beach gear. It also features a rear storage pocket, an umbrella holder, a body-board holder and a tote bag to hold your gear in. Moreover, this beach carts comes with extra wide wheels that roll easily in sand and loose gravel even when loaded with bulky gear. This cart is designed to be pulled which offers a better performance than pushing. Additionally, it is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage.


You no longer have to break your back carrying your bulky beach gear around. With these top 10 beach carts, all you have is load your stuff and you are good to go. With will the that can conquer any terrain, compartments to hold even coolers for your refreshments, there is nowhere you can’t go with these carts. Moreover, some of these carts are highly versatile and can easily convert into chairs or tables to use in the beach. They can also be used at home to do laundry and gardening among many of their uses.