Top 10 Best Jump Starter in 2019 reviews

Hitting the road throws its good number of challenges at virtually every driver. But things don’t get more unbearable than being stuck out there, somewhere, with a dead car battery. This is the time you will need a jump starter the most. So make sure to add this to your arsenal beforehand.

Otherwise, you might find yourself fighting the elements out there in the wild or on the roadside, with a car that can’t start. The only problem is, deciding the best one to go for in a market flooded with thousands of them is difficult enough. Not to worry though, you can find the best pick for your vehicle here. Just keep reading.

Table of the Best Jump Starter:

  1. Beatit BT-D11 18000mAH Jump Car Starter

Beatit BT-D11 18000mAH Jump Car Starter

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If you have a considerably bigger vehicle, then this is the jump starter for you. This one will take on vehicles up to 5.5 L diesel or 7.0L gas. And that’s just the beginning; it still features many other aspects that you can turn to as well.

The good

If there’s one thing that this jump starter stands out with, it has to be the sheer power it delivers. With up to 18000mAh peak and 800A, it is built for the small as well as big vehicles alike. And not just those, you can also use it on motorcycles, boats and jet skis too.

While fully charged, this starter will deliver up to 20 to 30 jump-starts. Besides, the heavy-duty cables and clamps give the connection you would need to get the job done. With these features in place, you will hardly ever have to worry about any loss of electricity transfer.

And the clamps offer more than just that. They are intelligent enough to offer protection from over-charging, overload or over-voltage. It all goes a long way to ensure the safety of your battery and keeping you on the road.

The recharge is also super easy. All it takes is around 5.5 hours to get the 12V starter fully recharged. And it comes with several features as the LED digital display. The LED flashlight further helps when using it in darkness.

What’s more, you can use your jump starter for other uses. You can charge a Smartphone, tablet, laptop, and tablet as well as other types of mobile phones.

The not so good

Although the cables offer an outstanding performance, they are quite short, only extending at 7 inches.

  1. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Lithium Jump Starter

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Lithium Jump Starter

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This 1000 Amp, 12V jump starter is yet something to be reckoned with when it comes to saving the day. It comes with enough power to bring your battery back to life. But you will find it intriguing with an array of other impressive features too.

The good

If there’s one thing you can find exciting about this jump box, it has to be the work it can do on a single charge. You can revive your car up to 20 times without having to recharge it again. Not forgetting, you can use it on virtually any passenger vehicle, whether a diesel or gas engine using 6 liters and 3 liters each.

One thing that makes this jump box great is the small, compact design that makes it easy to carry with you and store. This particular one is up to eight times smaller than the conventional jump starters that can take much space in your trunk. Besides, at only about 2.4 pounds, it is light enough for easy handling.

Another thing is the battery clamps that this starter comes with. At up to 23 inches long, these clamps make it easier for you to attach them to the battery points and get it working again.

But don’t let the small size fool you. This jump starter still packs enough punch to start about any motor vehicle out there and more. From cars to trucks, boats, and even a motorcycle, you can always do a lot with this starter.

The jump box is also great when it comes to safety. A spark-proof tech and reverse polarity protection give this starter the much-needed safety, especially for beginners. You do not have to worry about connecting the battery backward; the starter protects it from the inevitable sparks and shock from the wrong connection.

What’s more, this box comes with two ultra-bright flashlights that can be handy when you have to operate in darkness. And with its USB outlets, you can always charge your electronics like phone and tablets or other Bluetooth devices.

The not so good

On the downside, this starter can only work with small vehicle engines. And the USB ports are only capable of putting out up to 5V only, making it not so robust for the job.

  1. WEEGO 22s 1700 Jump Starter

WEEGO 22s 1700 Jump Starter

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For a compact and yet high-performance jump starter, you need to try this WEEGO. The Lithium Ion design makes it a perfect pick for durability and efficiency. And it comes with a wide array of features you can go for too.

The good

At 1700 peak amps and the 300 cranking amps make this starter a great choice for pros and amateurs alike. This means your starter packs the ideal power for virtually all your needs. This tool goes through a series of tests to offer exactly what the customers would be expecting out of it.

You can use this starter for average engines, both 5L gas and 2.5L diesel engines. Most of all, it takes it tasks in a stride, it is built for heavy-duty use. Another thing that makes this starter great is the tapered tips that fit into squeezed spaces as well as delivering power to either side. These clamps deliver the best connection for every driver.

On a single charge, this jump starter will keep you going for up to a whole year. This could also mean using it for up to 1000 charge cycles. What’s more, its durability is also as outstanding as its performance.

Moreover, you can use it for virtually any engine on the market apart from cars. You can get the right service for a wide range of engines, from ATV/UTVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, boats as well as other high-performance engines.

For almost every driver, a compact design and safety always come in handy when it comes to the use of such a vital tool as this one. Well, this one comes with spark-proof and ergonomic clamps that can take you through sounds and lights in case something goes wrong.

The not so good

On the downside, the clamp screws might not be as great as you might like.

  1. iClever 800A Car Jump Starter

iClever 800A Car Jump Starter

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This starter comes with dual USB 3.0 quick charging that can cater to your MacBook, Laptop or a Nintendo switch. But that’s not all yet; you still have a lot more features to count on thanks to this starter’s design.

The good

At 800A, this starter comes with about all the power you will need to keep you going even when your battery flattens. Not forgetting, up to 20000mAH charging capacity as well as the high peak current, this starter is built to restart virtually any vehicle on the road.

Of course, the USB-C power delivery tech makes it the right pick for charging all your type C electronic devices. As long as it has a Nintendo switch, you can make the most out of this starter. From smartphones to tablets and laptops, everything goes.

Of course, you will love the fast charging that the former offers too.  Besides, this feature recognizes the electronic devices to maximize the efficiency when it comes to charging.

And if you are worried about the safety, then you have another reason to try this jump box. A 3-pin detector needle attached to the starter’s jack comes in handy too. This feature helps detect the voltage on your car battery and check the charging safety.

It also comes with clamps that help add to the ease of use and the safety of this starter. An inbuilt safeguard helps protect any potential damage from short circuit, reverse connection, overcharging or surges in the voltage. This feature also offers the best in protection against discharge and high level of temperature.

The not so good

Its LED flashlight is not as bright as you might like it to be for difficult situations.


  1. Audew Heavy Duty Portable Jump Starter

Audew Heavy Duty Portable Jump Starter

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Every driver needs a tool to turn to in a worst-case scenario. In case you are ever stuck with a dead car battery, then this jump starter can come to your rescue. The aluminum alloy shelling makes it ideal for heavy-duty use, but it details lie in the range of features.

The good

This 12-volt battery is compact and small enough for easy use and portability. You can tuck it away under your car seat on in the trunk. The 800A peak current also gives it an outstanding edge for taking on 5-liter or 3-liter diesel engines.

And for the recharging, you need not use a lot of time on this undertaking. The company recommends recharging it in every 3 months, but you can count on it to keep going for as long as 6 months on a single charge. Most of all, all you need is 5 hours to fully recharge the 13800 mAh battery.

You can also make the most out of this starter’s battery indicator. This will help you keep track of the battery level, so you can know when to recharge your battery beforehand.

An LED flashlight further helps you in case you have to work in an emergency at night. Moreover, this light packs quite enough brightness for a light its size. And on the side, it features 2 USB ports at 2.1 amps and 1 amp. And you have a 2 DC output that features 12-16 volts rating not forgetting the 15 amps capacity.

The not so good

On the downside, this jump starter cannot take on larger engines bigger than its capacity. Besides, when the battery is less than 25%, it won’t perform to capacity.

  1. Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

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At 12 volts, this jump starter comes in as one of the practical options you can turn out there. It is built for everyone, professionals as well as home users. And not only does it boast of the high power, it packs in many other impressive features too.

The good

This jump starter features an exciting design that makes it super easy to store when not in use and carries when you need it. Combine this with the 18-pound lightweight, and you have the perfect tool for use on the go.

And there’s more, the high peak 1700 amperage gives it a rather unprecedented edge. This gives it an outstanding starting power, not to mention its 425-cranking ampere. You will hardly ever have to worry about a dead car battery.

For the durability, you have the performer battery that the jump starter comes with too. It also proves handy for the tools power density, which is a much-needed addition for every car owner.

The high level of power calls for use of sturdy cables that can transfer it around. Well, this jump starter comes with up to 46 inches of copper insulated cables that are sure to get the job done. So much so, that the cables offer all the flexibility you need especially in cold temperatures.

Another thing you cannot afford to miss is the ease of charging it. The starter comes with an AC on its front face. You will only need an extension cord that you can plug into your AC outlet, and you are all set. Better yet, once it’s fully charged, it will automatically stop charging so it can’t overcharge and damage your battery.

The not so good

As much as this jump box has a hoard of great features, it can turn out to be rather costly. And you might not be able to return it if you bump into an issue, which is hardly the case though.

  1. NOCO G750 Smart Battery Charger

NOCO G750 Smart Battery Charger

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If you are looking for a jump starter that can offer ultimate versatility, then this one is it. It can cater to vehicles, AGM snowmobile, ATV, and Jet Ski batteries. And it comes with numerous features too.

The good

Among the things, you will come to love about this starter is its ease of use. You can operate it quite easily, it is essentially a plug-and-play sort of operation.

You cannot afford to miss this starter’s ease of charging. You can charge your 12 and 6-volt batteries easily, and efficiently, all it takes is the push of a button to toggle between charging any of these batteries.

This starter further comes with an orange LED light that comes on in case of a wrong connection. This goes a long way to giving you a signal that could help save your battery from damage. It’s all thanks to an inbuilt error sensing polarity function besides a protection from currency damage.

This starter also features a CPU, known as VosFX processor that helps monitor and control the charge. This further helps with the protection of your battery when charging. A slow charging also makes the starter the right picks as it helps distribute the current evenly.

A streamlined, compact and portable design makes this charger all the more efficient for easy use and handling.

The not so good

The only shortcoming to this jump starter is that it comes with an electrical outlet conductor rather than an extension cord.

  1. STANLEY FATMAX J7CS Jump Starter


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Finding a gizmo that can offer more than only a jump starter usually proves crucial. And this one is built for just that sort of performance. It not only comes in as a starter but also doubles as an inbuilt compressor.

The good

One of the outstanding things about this tool is the 120-PSI air compressor, which can be all you need when stranded out there. You can sort out flat tires and carry on with your journey.

The tool also comes with a USB, which helps the air compressor draw its power from the jump box. It also comes with a SureFit nozzle that secures the connection of the system to virtually any tires. It can cater to your car tires, sports equipment as well as bicycle tires alike.

Another thing you cannot miss out is the backlit gauge of the compressor. This makes it easy to figure out the readings even when the readings are in a light that might be too low to make out.

Besides, this jump starter is further super easy to use. The best part is perhaps that you can find it useful for charging your tablet, laptop or phones, even gaming systems. Not forgetting, the 350 instant and 700 peak battery amps offer a much-needed safety. This is thanks to the reverse polarity and audible alarm for the warning.

You can also use the USB port to charge two devices at once. The DC comes in at 12V, and a LED light at the front makes it great to light at a dark environment, with up to 270 degrees swivels.

The not so good

It can be quite larger and hefty than most of the other previous starters in the line.

  1. Imazing Car Jump Starter

Imazing Car Jump Starter

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It will be a jump starter, it will be a phone power bank, and much more. This tool packs more than you might ever need it for. Well, that’s not all yet, you will be amazed by its numerous features.

The good

An advanced safety technology is one of the things that make this lifesaver great. It comes with over 5 advanced safety techs as reverse polarity protection an overload protection. It also protects against over-current and over-voltage protection for safety.

A 6-in-1 multi-function design makes this starter a great option too. This includes the portable charger, jump starter, an LED flashlight, a Dual USB Quick Charge and an S.O.S lighting signal. With these features handy, you can use your starter anywhere.

A powerful power station makes this tool not only useful as a jump starter. Its 12000mAhbattery capacity offers enough power to cater to your electronic devices like tablets and Smartphone.

Another great addition is the intelligent jump cables, connection clamps, a cigarette charger, and a portable compressive case. The collection of all these features adds to its impressive performance and durability.

The not so good

Charging your phone and the battery might not work at the same time.

  1. JACO BoostPro Jump Starter

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Sometimes all you need is a robust jump starter that can come to your rescue at the most crucial moment. This one is built for nothing short of this, thanks to the 16,500mAh capacity. And it is not just a powerful little tool; it also features many other impressive aspects too.

The good

Among the leading features, you will love about this tool is the trio Lithium-ion technology. The three premium internal cells feature 3.7V lithium-ion that collectively produces 12V for ultimate power. This also ensures the durability of the battery life.

And when you want more value for your money, you can always count on the 300A start and 600A peak current. This offers a fast boost to your car’s dead battery. Furthermore, it would work on large vehicles at 6.5L of gas and 5.2-liter diesel engines.

A 12V DC adapter also proves far-reaching when it comes to the reliability of this starter. It offers the much needed on the go use with up to 12V power supply to several devices that work on a DC socket. These could be coolers, grills, and vacuums among others.

Two USB ports make this tool a power bank that you can rely on for your electronic devices. Talk of tablets, smartphones, desk lamps and kindles, and the list goes on.

The not so good

Although most jump starters out there come with a fair share of downsides, this one doesn’t come with much of that. The only downside you might find about it is the flashlight is not so bright for your liking.


A jump starter is hands down every driver’s best friend at the worst of times. This tool could prove very handy when you are stuck out there on your own. You do not have to wait for hours for a passerby without the assurance of anyone coming along.

Better yet, finding one with other handy features like the flashlight, an air compressor or a charger for your phone could be so great. All you need is ensure you land the one that best suits your budget and needs. This simple yet effective tool could mean all the difference in such a tight situation. Make sure to have one handy, and drive out into any adventure with confidence.