Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Lock reviews in 2019

Imagine leaving your car in the parking lot, only to return and find it’s gone. Well, that is every car owner’s worst nightmare. Everyone wants to give a potential car thief a pause, and a reason to consider trying the next vehicle. It might sound like an impossible feat with all the smart tactics that these thieves come with. But you can always outsmart them with one simple, yet crucial tool.

A steering wheel lock might be all you need to sleep sound knowing your vehicle is safe out there. Again, finding the perfect one for the job is never that easy. Not to worry, keep reading to find some of the best options on the market that you can turn to for the safety of your vehicle. These ten steering wheel lock options have all it takes to keep the smartest of thieves at bay.

Table of the Best Steering Wheel Lock

  1. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks

The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock

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Whether you are worried about an amateur or a pro car thief, this steering wheel lock got your back. With the right design, it proves super easy to use. All you need is to put it on your steering wheel and lock it in place before leaving your vehicle.

What’s good

The versatility is the first thing you will likely love about this lock. You can use it on virtually any vehicle around, making it ideal for people with several vehicles.

It also comes with a key. And this gives you more control over the situation and an easy time when locking it in place and releasing it. This can be very handy when you want to slip it over your vehicle’s steering wheel in the parking.

Thanks to its steel construction, it becomes almost impossible to saw it, cut it or pry it. So you can count on its sturdy material for the safety of your vehicle.

Another thing you cannot afford to miss is that it doesn’t stick on your steering. Unlike most other steering wheel locks out there, this one comes right off once you start removing it.

What’s not so good

The only thing that compromises this lock is that it doesn’t fit in all the vehicles out there. But at least it works with most of them.

  1. Club Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock

Club Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock Steering Wheel Lock

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The name says it all. This CL303 lock works by connecting the steering wheel and the brake or clutch pedal. This design makes it even harder for a thief to try to outwit it. But it comes with several impressive features too.

What’s good

One of the great things about it is the “S” shape that offers more reinforcement when the lock is attached to the brake or clutch pedal. This further makes it harder for any potential thief to work out a way to remove it.

Better yet, the fact that it locks on to both the steering wheel and a pedal makes driving the vehicle virtually impossible. Even if someone managed to break the door or window to your car, driving it with the pedal held high and the steering wheel locked is out of the question.

It also has something else up its sleeve; the steel material. If you want a steering wheel lock, you have to make sure it’s strong enough to prevent it from being vulnerable to cutting. With the steel material used in this one, any potential car thief stands no chance at getting your vehicle.

And when it comes to the aesthetic and feels, this one is built for the best. A vibrant plastic coating gives this lock a great look and a smooth feel to it.  What’s more, the color doesn’t chip away easily, so the lock keeps its impressive looks long enough.

What’s not so good

The lock might become stuck, and if the keys that it comes with don’t work, you might have a hard time solving the problem.

  1. Universal Anti-Theft Clamp Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Lock

Universal Anti-Theft Clamp Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Lock

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In case you are looking for a steering wheel lock that can guarantee you total safety, then this one is for you. It can put up 100 percent resistance to destructive tools, even electric drills. And it has many other features to show for the hype.

What’s good

First, this lock doubles as an emergency escape hammer. You can use it to break the window in case your life is in danger so you can get out of your car to safety.

A heavy-duty locking mechanism also delivers where it counts. Not only is it built to give thieves an impossible time, it also offers an ideal visual deterrent function that keeps them at bay altogether.

You can also use it as a self-defense tool. Although you don’t have to engage violence to sort issues, you may need to use this tool to get out of a tight situation occasionally.

It also features a self-locking function. And all you need here is one pull to get the lock right where you want it. This makes it easy to handle, put it in place or remove it. it all comes down to a smooth operation that the lock offers.

Above all, it has a high-quality steel and aluminum alloy construction. As such, you have a lock that will not only take on some beating, but it will also last you long enough.

What’s not so good

The end cap on the ending meant for glass breaking isn’t so durable.

Its hooks would be great if they had a rubber coating to reduce chances of scratches on the steering wheel.

  1. The Club 1000 Club Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 1000 Club Steering Wheel Lock

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If you want a steering wheel lock that gets a good grip on your wheel, then this is the one for you. It looks like a massive lobster fork with prongs for hooking on either side of the steering wheel for security. And it comes with a good collection of features to show for the hype too.

What’s good

One of the outstanding aspects of this lock is its compatibility. You can use it on virtually any vehicle in your fleet. It is built for versatility in order to cater to a wide range of vehicle owners. It has something for everyone.

The ideal design also makes it perfect for an easy locking on your car’s steering wheel before you leave the vehicle. And when you come back, removing it is every bit as easy too. Not forgetting, with a steel construction, you can count on this lock to ensure the safety of your vehicle, and serve you for years on end.

And with a bright red color, it comes in handy for scaring potential thieves. This color is visible from afar, so any thief intending to take your vehicle will see it quickly and reconsider their intention.

Best of all, it does not cost an arm to get this great lock. All you need to set aside is a budget of about the average cost of a steering wheel lock. And the device still delivers the same protection as you would get with an expensive one.

What’s not so good

The only downside to this lock is that it is not so popular on the market.

  1. Club 1234 Basic Steering Wheel Lock

Club 1234 Basic Steering Wheel Lock

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Perhaps the best way to keep your car safe is making the thief change their mind before they attempt breaking into it. There is no better way to getting them to step past than having a good visual theft deterrent steering wheel lock. This one is built for that, and it packs in some impressive features for use and safety too.

What’s good

One of the most exciting things about this lock is the robust solid steel hooks. These offer a tight grip on your vehicle’s wheel, offering the much-needed security.

Then it features a max opening of up to 16.3 inches on the inside. Thus, you can count on this lock for an easy time putting it in place and removing it.

Another great deal about it is the Cro-moly steel construction. You can sleep easy knowing this will be an almost impossible target for any vehicle thief. You can hardly succeed in hammering, prying, or sawing it.

It also comes with yet an impressive design that fits most vehicles out there. From trucks to cars, SUVs, and vans, this lock is built for versatility. And it gets virtually any vehicle owner covered.

Above all, it comes with two keys. So in case you happen to misplace one key, you can always turn to the other one for convenience.

What’s not so good

When it comes to the downside, this lock does not feature an auto lock, so you have to turn the key if you are to lock it. And, it feels quite loose.

  1. The Club 1100 LX Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 1100 LX Steering Wheel Lock

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SO you want a steering wheel lock that a thief can clearly see, well, this is it. With an intense red metallic color, it stands out from other parts of your vehicle’s interior. So a thief will see it early enough to step on to the next vehicle. But it has a good collection of exciting features as well.

What’s good

The self-locking feature that this lock comes with makes it one of the most efficient and unique picks on the market. You will have an easier time locking it on your vehicle. All it takes is one pull and you have it in place.

Its three laser-encrypted keys are also worth a hard look. This design makes the key impossible to duplicate. So you don’t have to worry about someone getting hold of your key.

You will also come to love about this lock is the versatility. Whether you have a truck, a car, a van or SUV, it will work with almost any vehicle in your parking lot.

And it is solid steel is tough enough to make hammering, sawing or Freon attacks impossible. This gives any potential thief a tough time trying to compromise the lock. It’s all you need since time and effort are any thief’s worst enemy.

What’s not so good

The red coating might turn out to be a bit sticky.

The red color on the lock might wash out to an orange.

  1. SRK-101MB Steering Wheel Lock

SRK-101MB Steering Wheel Lock

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Going for a steering wheel lock that attaches to your steering alone can be quite a gamble with the safety of your car. But you can always find one that takes matters a notch higher by attaching to the steering wheel column. That is what this particular one is all about, and it packs a few more great features too.

What’s good

This lock comes in handy if you want to use it in securing your steering wheel to prevent thieves from having an easy time breaching the security of your vehicle. But it also doubles as a deterrent to keep them at bay. To get the best of both worlds, you can always lock it on top of the steering to act as a visual deterrent.

The design itself further makes this lock one of a kind. Thanks to its short hub, you can get the best of its quick release. But it retains close-to-stock dimensions, which can be a great addition.

Another great thing is the versatility. Since it is the lock only, it can work on several vehicles. So you don’t have to worry much about the vehicle you own. As long as you have that quick release kit, this lock got your back.

Besides, this lock features a solid design and a smooth finish. This combination makes it hard so grabbing a hold of it while driving would be virtually impossible. It adds yet another hurdle for any thief and another reason to step past.

What’s not so good

On the downside though, this lock can be quite loose and wobbly when you have it locked on your wheel.

  1. The Club CL600 Vehicle Anti-theft Device

The Club CL600 Vehicle Anti-theft Device

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Here comes yet another great steering wheel lock. The sturdy tempered steel it is made of makes it a great tool for the job and for durability. But it is in the array of its features where you find every reason to love it.

What’s good

This lock is designed to attach not only to the steering wheel but also to the clutch or brake pedal 9/16” wide. With this design, it becomes impossible to steer the vehicle or to stop it. This makes life the harder for a thief and would see them think twice before considering taking your car.

Even better, a bright red finish gives the lock a visual deterrent capability. It will be clearly visible to anyone approaching your vehicle. Hence, they will most likely go for the next one rather than trying to get yours.

A self-locking feature is one of the things almost everyone wants in a steering wheel lock. This makes it ideal for easy use, all it takes is one pull and you are done.

The versatility is yet another thing that’s virtually irresistible. With the perfect design, you can use this lock on an SUV, a car, a truck, and almost any other vehicle you have around.

What’s not so good

If your vehicle’s brake pedal is too wide, the hook might not fit in quite well.

It might not stay locked on your brake pedal, and hence keep falling off.

  1. Club 1102 LX Steering Wheel lock

Club 1102 LX Steering Wheel lock

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When it comes to selecting the perfect steering wheel lock, you need to consider many factors. But none comes in quite handy as the diversity of vehicles that any lock can work on. With this one, you can keep your SUV, car, truck, or almost any other vehicle in your fleet safe.

What’s good

A self-locking feature is usually one of the additions every vehicle owner wants. It will make working with your lock super easy; hence adding to the convenience you would look for in such a lock.

Another great thing you .can for is the laser encrypted keys that this lock features. These not only help when working with your lock, but also the encryption makes them less prone to duplication that could compromise the safety of your vehicle.

You will also need the intensive blue metallic color of this lock. It might be all you need to keep a rather potential car thief at a bay since it is clearly visible from outside.

And then the solid and sturdy construction adds to the efficiency of this tool. Cutting or hammering it would take ages, which is the last thing any thief wants to put up with when stealing a vehicle.

What’s not so good

This lock comes with some downsides though. When you have locked it and it’s not on your steering wheel, it might keep on sliding apart.

  1. The Club 2100 Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 2100 Steering Wheel Lock

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Having a lock on your steering wheel could mean all the difference as far as the safety of your car is concerned. And this one is built to deliver where it matters, thanks to the quad style key for preventing lock picking. But it comes with several other great features too.

What’s good

You will always find many impressive things about this lock. But the laser-encrypted keys stand out, thanks to the high protection since you cannot easily duplicate them.

The solid construction comes in handy too.  This means any thief cannot get past this lock by hammering, sawing or prying it, and further keeps Freon attacks at bay as well.

It also boasts the renowned self-locking feature that every car owner wants. It goes a long way to making the use of your lock both easy and efficient.

And the longer shaft comes to play if you have a large vehicle to lock. This feature makes the lock one of the best on the market for SUVs and large trucks. But it works wonders on the small cars as well.

What’s not so good

The product might have no grease on arrival, but you can always grease it and continue to use.


Finding the perfect steering wheel lock for your vehicle doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can always count on any of these locks to get the best they have to offer. So why wait any longer, get out there and grab the one that best fits your vehicle.

Now you can sleep comfortably knowing you have the security of your vehicle catered to. It’s always better to spend the little cost of keeping your vehicle safe than having to deal with the stress of a stolen car.