Top 10 Best Tennis Racket Covers In 2020 Reviews

Tennis racquet covers play a vital role in helping to keep the racquet well protected from damage from scratches and even dents. The racquet covers are a must have products for tennis players. Due to the numerous brands available it is important to identify the best so as to guarantee you quality when you buy them. The products that we have rated below come unmatched due to their quality and service.

10. Babolat Racquet Covers

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This package comes with a set of two racquet covers that are enough to two racquets. It comes with a nylon construction and a Babolat logo that is on both sides. The racquet covers are both lightly padded, and they both have full zippers to guarantee that the user secures the racquets to avoid any damage. The quality of these racquet covers comes unmatched to others that are provided on the market.

9. ProKennex Kinetic Racquet Cover

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This purchase will leave you happy. It fits the racquet very correctly, and it has a strap that is adjustable and can be used to carry it over the shoulder. It is strongly built to make it durable and able to accommodate the weight of the racquet. This racquet cover brings quality, reliability, and comfort. The only thing it lacks is a zippered exterior pocket. This racquet cover is very reliable and can be used on a daily basis.

8. Head Tennis Racquet Cover

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It comes highly recommended by people who have used it since it is made of high-quality material. The racquet cover provides enough room for the racquet and also a few extra balls. If you have someone who loves tennis, this is the best gift you can get for them. The tennis racquet cover comes at a great price. It is very durable and provides you with a convenient way to carry racquet.

7. Klau Tennis Racquet Backpack

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It is made with sports nylon fabric that makes it waterproof and able to resist resistance. The shoulder strap is detachable, and one can use the single shoulder strap or as double shoulder straps that make it a backpack. Carrying it to around is easy. This tennis racquet bag has a unique design that makes it fashionable. It can be used by recreational players as well as tournament players who are professionals.

6. HEAD Full Tennis Racquet Cover Bag

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This cover is well padded, and it is made with vinyl for extra protection. It has enough size to accommodate the full-size racquet. This cover plays the role of a full-size tennis bag. The shoulder strap allows easy portability. It also has a mesh around the handle so as to keep the handle dry due to the ventilation. This tennis racquet cover is just excellent, and it will give you the best service that you can get.

5. Bump Tennis Racquet Bag Bumper

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For users who want a professional look that is going to the court, this racquet cover provides just that. It is very durable and serves people for an extended period as compared to other racquet covers provided on the market. This brand offers different colors for the user to use. The bumper bag will give you a stylish way to carry and protect your racquet. You do not have to put up with low-quality tennis racquet bags anymore.

4. Prince Padded Racquet Cover w/ Drawstring

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This racquet cover has a simple design and can fit one racquet correctly. It has an adjustable shoulder strap that provides a natural mechanism to carry the racquet. The quality of the racquet cover makes it durable thus serving the user for a long time. The racquet cover has enough room to hold even the balls needed for the match. Price padded racquet keeps the racquet well protected. It will deliver value for your money.

3. Ame & Lulu Ellie Tennis Racquet Cover

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It is made with bright colors that make it very noticeable and attractive to most people. The racquet cover can hold a maximum of one racquet. It has a zip closure and exterior zip pocket that allows the user to secure the racquet. The material sued is canvas, and it is very durable and able to prevent water from entering. The case is also very lightweight and comes at an affordable price.

2. Dunlop Maxply McEnroe Tennis Racquet Cover

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This racquet cover can hold one racquet. It keeps it well protected and secured to prevent any form of damage. It provides the user with a chance to carry the racquet easily. The adjustable shoulder strap allows the user to comfortably carry the racquet cover since they can adjust it to the preferred size. This tennis racquet cover is well priced making it a must have product for tennis players.

1. HEAD Core 3R Pro Tennis Racquet Bag

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This tennis racquet bag helps you to safeguard your racquet from being damaged by scratches and even dents. It comes in neoprene sleeves that fit perfectly over the racquet. The bag has removable and adjustable straps that allow you to carry it easily. The racquet bag bumper has clips at the end of the strap so as to give the user the option to secure up to three covers with just one strap.


These racquet covers have been highly rated not only on this site but also on other review sites. Customers who have used them have positive things to say about them since they are very durable and help in protecting the racquets. They will deliver value for every dime you spend on the purchase. You must buy one for your tennis racquet.

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