Top 10 Best VR Headset for iPhone and android Device

In the wake of technology innovation, nothing quite beats the fun that virtual and augmented reality can bring forth. But things can get even better if you can make the most out of your phone too. And this is where a VR Headset for iPhone and Android comes in handy.

The only challenge you are sure to come across is selecting the perfect one for the job. That shouldn’t be a problem nevertheless, you only need to know where to look, and what to pick. Now, let’s jump right into some of the top VR Headset for iPhone and Android in the market.

  1. Merge VR/AR Googles Headset for iPhone and Android

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If you want a headset that can offer you virtual as well as augmented reality, then this one is for you. You might love its adjustable lenses, but that’s not all it has up to the sleeves. You need to see the full extent of its features; you won’t help but love it.

What’s cool

First, the dual input buttons are not only innovative but also compatible with several VR apps. This means you don’t have to use any controller.

It is also easy to clean. So kids can share it without any concerns if you have several users who want to make the most out of it.

You also have the merge VR goggles to thank it for. This feature helps brings out the immersive virtual reality experience out of your Android or iOS smartphone.

Besides, this headset is built for comfort too.  The soft yet lightweight foam that makes it is ideal for fitting on virtually any face.

What’s not so cool

The only concern you might have about this headset is the possibility of leaking a little light.

It might not fit perfectly with every phone out there.

  1. BlitzWolf VR Headset 3D Glasses

BlitzWolf VR Headset 3D Glasses

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It comes in as one of the best VR Headset for iPhone and Android options that you can turn to on the market. Its lenses feature an upgrade for a smoother and purified design that offers eye protection. But that’s just the beginning, it still has a lot more to offer.

What’s cool

One of the outstanding features that blow the competition away is the adjustable pupil and the focus distance. With this design, you can set the pupil distance in either 55-65 mm. And if you are shortsighted, then this headset has got you covered too.

You can also download any 3D video apps. The headset can work with more than 500 Android as well as iOS apps for VR. This will give you the chance to watch videos on YouTube, Apple Store, and Google Play among others.

Then the quality and design also offer something worth a hard look too. This headset has passed through high-level experiments to ensure it packs in the best you can ask for. And it comes with a new structure that delivers an immersive 3D VR vision.

Above all, its versatility will give you another reason to love this headset. You can use it with most iPhones out there, from iPhone 6, 6s, 7 plus, Nexus 6P, Samsung S7 and many more.

What’s not so cool

The VR cannot convert images into 3D format; you will need to download apps for that function.

If you are farsighted, you might have a hard time using this headset.

  1. View-Master Deluxe VR Headset

View-Master Deluxe VR Headset

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If you are setting out to venture into the world of virtual reality, then this headset will take you all the way. Not only does it offer a super easy-to-use experience, it also comes with an array of exciting features.

What’s cool

If you want to immerse yourself in virtual reality, then this headset is for you. It comes with up to 360-degree environment, putting you right on the frontline.

Another thing you will love about it is the headphone connector. You can simply plug in your headphones to get the best of its immersive audio.

The new design offers the ergonomics you would ever need. The latch is easy to open and close, giving you an easy time using your VR Headset for iPhone and Android.

It also boasts an impressive design when it comes to the adapter. The headset has an exciting adapter for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s as well as iPhone 5c, not forgetting, the adapter is inbuilt.

And with a Preview Reel, you get the chance to view sample content that helps you get a feel for what this headset can deliver when it comes to the apps.

What’s not so cool

With all the great features, the lack of a head strap can be a deal breaker for some users, but you can buy it separately too.

Besides, it does not come with an HD quality.

And although it’s built for kids, adults can have fun with it, but not as much as you would with an ideal one for adults.

  1. Samsung Gear VR Latest Edition

Samsung Gear VR Latest Edition

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This VR Headset for iPhone and Android will take you to every corner of the gaming, video, or image world. Not only will you have a 360-degree video view, but you also get a lot more from its array of features.

What’s cool

Among the most exciting things about this headset is the intuitive controller that it comes with. It can prove handy in selecting and dragging using your wrist.

And when it comes to versatility, this headset is the master of the game. You can use it with almost any Samsung Galaxy out there. The range spans from Galaxy S6, Note5, to Note8, S8, S8+ and many others.

Another outstanding thing is the number of games you can enjoy with this headset. You will have hundreds of games as well as experiences to enjoy. You can get the best of Oculus, Sensor Type so you can enjoy 2D, 3D as well as 360-degree content.

What’s more, connecting it with your mobile doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can easily connect your headset to USB Type-C and USB port connections; it all depends on the type of your phone.

What’s not so cool

On the flipside, you might have a hard time trying to get them to focus well.

If you are using a Samsung J7 Pro Sky Galaxy, you may not find this device too handy.

  1. Official Google Cardboard

Official Google Cardboard

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Google has claimed a foothold in the world of entertainment. And when it comes to cutting-edge technology, you can bet that it is not likely to disappoint. Well, this VR Headset for iPhone and android holds true to that hype, catering to most iOS and Android phones within 4 to 6 inches of size. There’s more to it yet.

What’s cool

For a user-friendly experience, this cardboard is there for you. You can assemble it in only three simple steps, not to mention that it comes with a custom design. Not forgetting, it comes with an interactive button that can make the use of compatible phones easy.

And its high-quality lenses offer the immersive visuals you can expect in such a headset. To top up the quality lenses, it comes with a partially laminated body, which adds to its durability.

The other great feature you cannot afford to miss is the cardboard app. this makes it easy to set up your viewer. You can also use it to launch favorite experiences and find any VR content you want.

What’s more, you can push things a bit further with the Google Street view. This will make it easy to find natural wonders, world landmarks, new locations and even creating and sharing Street view photospheres.

If you love videos, there’s something for you too. You can enjoy YouTube’s 360-degree channel to get the best of 360° RV videos that everyone is going for.

What’s not so cool

This headset doesn’t come with many downsides as such, but you might find them quite uncomfortable.

Another problem is that it might seem quite flimsy.

  1. Freely Beyond Virtual Reality Headset

Freely Beyond Virtual Reality Headset

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Here comes yet another great VR Headset for iPhone and Android. Its 120-degree field of view comes in as one of the highest around, but that’s not all yet. It has more in store for you.

What’s cool

The compatibility that this headset puts up is quite impressive. You can use it with an iPhone 7 and virtually any modern smartphone out there. And its adjustable design offers an easy access to the headphone socket.

When it comes to comfort, this headset delivers where it counts most. The lightweight design and its perforated breathable faux-leather perfectly fit the user’s face.

Besides, custom ventilation system further adds to the comfort of this headset. This feature offers the right condition for extended gaming without compromising the comfort or efficiency of the device.

You will also hardly ever need to get an external controller. This item comes with a dual Crossfire capacitive touch triggers that have this necessity catered to so you can game away without a struggle.

Most of all, you can use it with all Google Cardboard games on Google Play or Apple App Store. If you want a wider scope for your gaming needs, then this is the one for you.

What’s not so cool

On the shortcomings, the fact that its lenses are not adjustable is quite a deal breaker.

If you usually use glasses, it may prove difficult using this headset without putting them on.

  1. Samsung Gear VR Headset With Controller

Samsung Gear VR Headset With Controller

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Sometimes finding the best VR Headset for iPhone and Android is not just about picking any first one you come across. It takes looking for the features that count. This one will blow you away with the complete 360-degree immersion with up to 101-degree field of view. But it has many other exciting features too.

What’s cool

Among the most impressive features, that this headset has seen so far is the seamless integration with a Samsung Gear 360. This goes a long way to giving you an opportunity when it comes to creating a VR content.

You can also count on the completely new feature that allows you to interact with friends. You can now get in touch with friends on virtual reality, watch TV or a movie together and do other stuff like playing games.

Another exciting thing about this headset is that you can simply plug in a charger and get ready to use it. All you need to do is ensure you use a C cable and not a regular micro USB one.

Versatility is another thing you will love about this headset. You can use it with a wide array of phones, from Galaxy S8, S8+, S7 edge, S7, Note 5, S6, and S6 edge among others.

What’s not so cool

On the downside, this headset can suck the juice out of your phone quite fast.

The video might also be blurry and a bit grainy.

  1. Zeiss Virtual Reality One Plus Headset

Zeiss Virtual Reality One Plus Headset

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For most VR enthusiasts, finding a VR Headset that’s compatible with eyeglasses always goes a long way. Well, that’s what this one is all about, and it still packs in several other features too.

What’s cool

If you want a headset that will be easy to use, then you might consider checking this out. The removable head strap makes handling your headset super easy, especially when it comes to putting it on or off.

Another great thing is that it can support Smartphones ranging from 4.7 to 5.5 inches. This translates to the versatility that helps cater to different smartphone owners.

You can use it along with your smartphone to get access to a wide range of immersive 3D videos, augmented reality as well as games. This feature ensures you get a wide range of fun adventures that you can pursue in the world of virtual reality.

Its ‘eye-box” design further comes with an advantage that you can hardly afford to miss. With this feature on board, you don’t have to go for any mechanical adjustments on the lens to cater to diverse interpupillary distances.

The other thing that will see you fall in love with this headset is that you can wear it with eyeglasses too. If you use glasses, you don’t have to take them off and compromise the vision, this headset will take care of that necessity.

And to keep fogging at bay, the device features inbuilt ventilation ports. And there are ports on the smartphone tray. This gives you an opportunity to get the audio of your smartphone clearly.

What’s not so cool

The device would be greater if it has a button as well as adjustable optics.

If you are using an iOS 11, then this device might not work well for you.

  1. Virtual Reality Headset VR Goggles for iPhone and Android

Virtual Reality Headset VR Goggles for iPhone and Android

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Comfort always counts when it comes to the use of any VR Headset for iPhone and android. The ventilation, as well as thermal design, offers an ideal performance when it comes to this aspect.  This helps keep your phone from overheating thanks to the magnetic ventilation panel. And there’s more in the features too.

What’s cool

An adjustable focal length in this headset can be far-reaching in making things easier for you. If you have nearsightedness or far-sightedness, this feature can prove quite handy for you.

It also boasts an ergonomic design for easy use. This headset is not only safe, it is also secure enough, such that you don’t have to worry about moving around with it on. And you will have up to 90 to 100-degree field of view.

The quality leather material that it comes with gives it unsurpassed comfort too. The material makes your headset fit perfectly into your facial contours, and an elastic headband helps ensure the virtual remains real.

Then there’s the high level of compatibility too. If you have any phone within the range of 4 to 6 inches width on the screen, this headset will get it done.

It’s remote further offers something to look forward to. With up to four operational modes, it takes care of virtually every control you need.

What’s not so cool

Its controller might not sync well with the Google Daydream or some other apps.

The remote might not work well.

  1. LEKAMXING Virtual Reality Headset

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It might be the last one on this list, but don’t let this fool you, it’s not any bit the least. One of the things it outshines the competition with is the immersive experience the 3D VR goggles offer. But it still has a lot more to offer.

What’s cool

This headset’s comfortable straps are among its leading features. These straps are not only adjustable, they are also easy to fit on your head, and securely so. So you can move around in them without many problems.

Its compatibility proves handy for the users too. You can use this headset with virtually any non-curved smartphone on the market. If it has a screen size between 4.7 and 6 inches, it will work wonders.

The ease of use that comes with this headset is yet another thing every VR enthusiast would die for. All you need is plugging the VR jack and you have your 3D virtual reality right there for you. Besides, it comes with a remote control that can work your iPhone.

And when it comes to the performance, this headset never disappoints.  Whether it’s using Apple App Store, Google Play or scanning the QR code, you can always get a lot out of it. From animation to 3D movies, VR games and more, this headset has your needs covered.

What’s not so cool

The only problem with this headset is that the remote only works to control the play, pause, and volume functions.


If you are setting out to get the best of virtual reality, having the best VR headset for iPhone and android could be all you need. You can always choose from any of these options and get the best it has to offer. Nothing parallels the performance and comfort that an ideal headset can deliver. It’s all about making the right pick. And any of these options will offer all you would ever look for in any headset. Sounds like time to take virtual reality experience a notch higher.