Top 10 Best Fuel Transfer Pumps In 2020 Reviews

Days are gone when you could spend days looking for the best fuel pump for your motorcycle or vehicle. There are plenty of Fuel transfer pumps in the market but in this review, I have examined the best fuel transfer pumps for your motor vehicles.

Best Fuel Transfer Pumps:

10-Fill-Rite FR1210G Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite FR1210G Fuel Transfer Pump

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The FR1210G is a 12 volt DC pump for pumping gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. The pump comes with a static wire hose of 12 feet and a manual release nozzle. It has cast iron housing with a mechanical seal and O-ring feature which contributes to the pump’s durability.

It is made of heavy-duty cast iron material with two threaded bases to easily mount the tank. The hose pump has 15gpm fuel transfer rate with a flow capacity of 2600 rpm.


  • Has built-in strainers
  • Explosion proof pump (UL and CUL listed)
  • Has manual release nozzle

9-Fuelworks 1030 Fuel Transfer Pump

Fuelworks 1030 Fuel Transfer Pump

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Fuelworks is an explosion-proof transfer pump designed for effortlessly transfer of diesel fuel, gas, and kerosene. The pump transfer fuel up to 15gpm with a 12Volt motor. The pump has a manually operated nozzle, a lockable nozzle holder, discharge hose of 14 feet, and an extensible suction tube.

It features heavy-duty cast iron pump with a mechanical seal structure.  Provides thermal protection with a filter screen at the pump’s inlet.


  • CSA certified pump unit
  • Has a built-in bypass valve
  • Bang adapter of 2-inches
  • It has 12v 15gpm fuel transfer kit

8-Fill-Rate FR4210G Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rate FR4210G Fuel Transfer Pump

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FR4210G is made of high-quality cast iron and sintered bronze making it the most durable pump transfer in the market. It pumps all kinds of fuels and suitable for both home and professional fuel transfer with two threaded bases at the tank opening. The pump’s thermal overload protection can run for 30 minutes duty cycle.

The pump has explosion-proof magnet motor and a UL listed model to ensure safety during usage. It features a mechanical meter, a hosepipe and a manual nozzle. It also has an ultra-high flow automatic nozzle for faster transfer of the fuel.


  • Has a digital output meter.
  • Has a fuel flow rate of 20gpm and 22 amp draw.
  • Built-in check valve and bypass valve
  • Corrosion free telescopic suction pipe.

7-Goplus 110V Electric Diesel Oil Transfer Pump

Goplus 110V Electric Diesel Oil Transfer Pump

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Another great fuel transfer with a maximum transfer rate of 60l per minute and it features a 13-feet manual nozzle hose. It houses a large display screen for easy reading. The transfer pump is made of durable heavy duty iron material making it long-lasting.  This oil pump is used for both diesel fuel and kerosene and it is easy to use and install. The pump fueling meter keeps a record of how much fuel pumped per task. The Goplus kit comes with an instruction manual, electric oil pump, and other accessories.


  • Durable sturdy material
  • Has iron pump casing
  • Made of lightweight material for easy lifting
  • Built-in fueling meter.

6-Fill-Rite Fuel SD602 Fluid Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite Fuel SD602 Fluid Transfer Pump

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SD602 fluid pump transfer has a cast iron housing which features a durable buna-n mechanical seal and O-ring casing with 115 volts AC. The pump is suitable for transferring gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and mineral spirits. It also features an adjustable suction pipe, a 10gpm transfer rate, a long hose and a manual nozzle. The pump has ball bearing construction and does not need any lubrication.


  • Explosion proof motor
  • Thermal protection
  • You can padlock the pump for increased security.

5-Goplus 20GPM Gasoline Fuel Transfer Pump

Fuel Transfer Pumps

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This Goplus pump collection is designed for barrel or tank mounting to provide efficient fuel transfer on heptane, hexane, gasoline, kerosene, and mineral spirits. For increased security, the pump nozzle is padlocked to the pump. It also provides high capacity transfer of up to 20gmp of gasoline making it the most efficient pump transfer in the market. The ball construction ensures no lubrication is required on the pump.


  • Has ball bearing construction
  • It is thermal protected and explosion proof
  • Two male on-bung adapter and a female suction port.

 4-FuelWorks 10305708A 12V Fuel Transfer Pump

FuelWorks 10305708A 12V Fuel Transfer Pump

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This is another CSA certified explosion-proof fuel transfer pump made for barrel mounting or tank to transfer flammable gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. Gasoline transfer rate is up to 15gpm with a 12V motor. The kit consists of lockable nozzle holder for improved security, an extension suction tube, a 14 feet discharge hose, 2-inch burn adapter and a manually operated nozzle.

The structure has a mechanical seal which is designed to maintain high levels of safety. It also has a built bypass valve and provides thermal protection of the pump.


  • Includes heavy duty cast iron pump chamber.
  • Consist of Ul Listed nozzle
  • Filter screen

3-Fuelworks Electric Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

Fuelworks Electric Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

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Fuelworks electric is designed to be used for diesel transfer only. The pump is small in size and is more reliable as compared to other fuel transfer pumps. It features a rotating pump which is equipped with a bypass valve. The 13 feet hose pipe is made of heavy-duty cast iron material which you can cut to adjust the length and fix the manual dispensing nozzle


  • Compact size which is easy to install and simple to use
  • Highly portable making it ideal for multiple uses.
  • Adjustable hose pipe to meet your needs

2-Fuelworks 10307605A 20gpm Fuel Transfer

Fuelworks 10307605A 20gpm Fuel Transfer

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This is another explosion-proof fuel transfer pump designed for kerosene, diesel and gas transfer. The transfer flow rate of 20gpm with a 12 volts electric motor. It is CSA certified unit and the kit contains a heavy duty cast iron pump, a mechanical seal for safety and a 5m power cable. Thermal protection feature automatically disconnects the power cable to prevent fire damage or increased temperatures. The pumps come with a long dischargeable hose of 14 feet and two-inch adapter bung.


  • Has a UL listed nozzle
  • Has a lockable nozzle holder with a suction tube
  • Uses manually operated nozzle
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction

1-Fill-Rite FR701V Heavy Duty AC Transfer Pump

 Fill-Rite FR701V Heavy Duty AC Transfer Pump

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This fill-rate fuel pump is another great option in the market. It has a flow rate of 20gpm with ¾ hose wire to suck large volumes of gasoline. It features a durable heavy duty cast iron construction material and 115v iron motor made of carbon rotary vanes to reduce wear and tear.

The pump has thermal overload protection to automatically switch off after increased temperatures. Its check valve with a pressure relief valve helps in reducing pressure drop on the pump.


  • Has a built-in integral check valve and a pressure valve.
  • Explosion-proof 1/3hp motor
  • Ul listed heavy duty pump
  • Has an easily removable strainer
  • An automatic bypass valve.