Top 10 Best Heated Car Seat Cover Review In 2019

If you’re living in a very cold place and have to drive for hours to work, you might want something to help you warm up and feel comfortable. A normal car doesn’t provide us with a heated seat so you have to buy one that has it but the problem is that it’s too expensive for most people. Fortunately, it’s not the only option for you to choose. You can have a Heated Car Seat Cover for a reasonable price and quality which work as fine. Not only that but, it’s easy to replace in case its damage without actually having to remove the whole seat to fix it and it can be customized to match your taste. Think about it! That’s a whole lot of advantages to both ages. The point is that it helps prevent you from freezing, save time and energy, and severe back or butt ache.

Without further duo, here are the top ten best heated car sear cover that you should definitely take into consideration.

Top 10 Best Heated Car Seat Cover Reviews

10-Sojoy Universal 12V Heated Car Seat Heater  

Sojoy SJ154A Universal 12V Heated Car Seat Heater Heated Cushion Warmer High/Low/Temp Switch, 30 Mins Timer SJ0007-3-07, Black

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This Sojoy Car Seat Heater is made from breathable polyester which makes it soft to touch and comfortable to lean on. When it’s cold, all you have to do is press the switch button to turn it on or to manage the temperature to your desire. It will only take a matter of minutes for it to heat up evenly throughout the entire seat heater. To make your job easier the seat heater comes with a hook and loop fastener and an elastic belt to hold it in place and a non-slip attachment preventing it from shifting or slipping when you’re sitting on it.Not only that it looks great but it works great. This product is highly recommended to those who have a bad back or have to drive for hours to work on chilly days.

Key Features:

– The product is 39 x 19 x 0.5 inches

– Weights 1 pound

– It can be shipped to any selected country outside of the U.S.

– Fits to most DC 12V vehicles with a standard car seat

– The temperature can be up to 115 Fahrenheit and comes with a 30 minutes timer

2- Wagan Soft Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion

Wagan Soft Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion Ultra Plush with High/Low/Off Temperature Control (Black)--IN9438

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The Wagan Heated Seat Cushion comes with a maximum amount of clip and straps to hold the cushion in place so it won’t shift or move along with your movement. It has an easy-to-use temperature control setting that’ll help you find the perfect temperature to your liking and makes you feel comfortable. The cushion is made from soft and durable velour covering that helps prevent it from tearingand also protects the insides of the cushion as well. It will automatically switches on with an engine auto starter as long as it is plugged into the ignition controlled power outlet so you don’t have to bother plug and unplug the Heated Seat Cushion every time you leave it.

Key Features:

– Features two color options, two secure strapping systems

– The product can be folded for storage

– The heating temperature can be up to 114 Fahrenheit maximum

– Weight 1.5 pounds

– The product is 1.5 x 18 x 21 inches

– Fits for most cars, trucks, or even boats

8- KINGLETING 12-Volt Heated Seat Cushion

KINGLETING 12-Volt Heated Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller.(Black)

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You don’t have to worry about the Seat Cushion getting frozen and hard in the cold winter since it’s equip with an Anti-freeze power wiring harness that will help keep it soft and warm during those times.  With the temperature control you can freely choose the perfect temperature from 30℃ to 60 ℃ and will only take two minutes to heat up. When the temperature reached to what you had set it will automatically switches off but when it is lower than what you had chosen, the seat heater will automatically switches on again to ensure that the temperature won’t be too high or too low for you comfort and safety.

Key Features:

– Weight 1.119 pounds

– 14.2 x 10.2 x 2.2 inches

– The product has a rubberized bottom that makes it stick well with the seats

7- Wagan IN9438-2 12V Heated Seat Cushion

Wagan IN9438-2 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support (Gray Velour)

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Once seated on the Wagan IN9438-2 12V Heated Seat Cushion you will never forget the comfortable feeling and warmth it provides you with since it is made from extremely soft polyester and velour that makes it even more durable.It even has an extra thickness for lumbar support orto sooth your tense and aching muscles from a long, tiring day.You can adjust the temperature by simply pressing the temperature control setting to a maximum of 114 Fahrenheit.The Heated Seat Cushion is also very convenient and light so it is pretty easy to take it and put it into another car.Simply plug it into your vehicle outlet to make it work in seconds.

Key Features:

– The Heated Seat Cushion is 23 x 18 x 2.3 inches, 43 ft. power cable, inline 12V Dc adapter

– A one-year limited warranty for defective items only with valid proofs

– An extra 0.5 thickness for lumbar support

6- Zento Deals 12V Gray Warm Cushion Heated Car Seat Cover 2 Pack

Zento Deals 12V Gray Warm Cushion Heated Car Seat Cover 2 Pack- New Upgraded Version for 2019, Safer Nonflammable UL Wiring

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This Heated Car Seat cover will keep you warm for days especially on cold days. It is made from breathable, soft, durable polyester and a thermostat to avoid it from overheating and harm the user. It is also made to bring you comfort and warmth you need from a tiring day or to relieve body pain.Straps and a non-slip back padding are provided to keep the Heated Dar Seat Cover still the way you want it to be.Though, you are advised to unplug it when you’re not using it and also make sure that the fuse in your cigarette lighter socket is rated appropriately.

Key Features:

– It is design to be universally fit

– The temperature level can be adjust to your liking

5- Zento Deals 2pc. Black Heated Car Seat Cushion

Zento Deals 2pc. Black Heated Car Seat Cushion with 1 Integrated Plug Adjustable Temperature Heating Pad Pain Reliever 12V- New Upgraded Version for 2019, Safer Nonflammable UL Wiring

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This stylish Heated Car Seat Cushion features a layer of thick foam padding, super soft durable high quality polyester that is very comfortable to sit on. These are super easy to clean just use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. Simply plug it into the power outlet and you’ll be surrounded by comfortable warmth in no time.But please remember to unplug it after using. It is design to fit perfectly onto car, truck or RV seat. Equip with an elastic straps, clips to hold the heated seat cushion in place.You can even use it at home or when you’re out camping to soothe aching muscles and maintain your metabolism.

Key Features:

– Weight 1.5 pounds

– Comes with a Hi/Off/Low switch

– It can double as a heating pad for office or camping use

4- SNAILAX Seat Cushion with 3 Levels Cooling and 2 Levels Heating SL26A8 Cool and Heating Pad

Seat Cushion With 3 Levels Cooling and 2 Levels Heating SL26A8 Cool and Heating Pad for Car Truck Home Office

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If you’re looking for a seat cushion that cools and heat during both seasons then you’re in the right section.Unlike other mentioned seat cushion this Snailax Seat Cushion is made to adjust to both hot and cold days and even has an auto turn off after 30 minutes to help save your car batteries.The seat is equipped with an overheat protection to stabilize the temperature. It has a special two layer design; a ventilation layer and a cooling layer that won’t be blocked by a human body. It can also keep the seat dry and non-sticky like others Heated Seat Cushion. With a non-slip bottom and an integrated strap system your seat is good to go.

Key Features:

– Package included a 3D Cooling and Heating System Cushion, a car adapter, UL home adaptor, a user manual, and a packing box

– Weigh 3.96 pounds

– The product is 43.8 x 19 x 1.8 inches

– Special design that can be used in a 12 or 24 voltage cars, trucks, or RV’s.

3- Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion

Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion Hot Warmer - Fireproof NEW and IMPROVED 2019 Version 2 pack 12V Heating Warmer Pad Cover Perfect for Cold Weather and Winter Driving

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You can enjoy immediate warmth and comfort from this Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cover even your tired and aching muscle will be treated by the provided soothing heat from the heated seat.There are black straps that slide over almost any seat to secure the cushion in place.The cushion comes with its own temperature control option; High, Low and off button. Just plug the seat in, choose your desire temperature and the cushion will heat up within minutes. You won’t be able to feel any lumpy wires under the cushion since the product uses Far-infrared heating which is built into the fabric itself.Your vehicle’s standard cigarette lighter will be just enough for the cushion to heat up.Not to mention that the cushion is light and portable and will fit in any car seats and trucks.

Key Features:

– Weight 1.06 pounds

– It is 2 x 18 x 37 inches

– Does not include an AC/DC adapter

2- ObboMed SH-4160 12V 45W Heated Seat Cushion Cover

ObboMed SH-4160 12V 45W Heated Seat Cushion Cover with Lumbar Support, Deluxe Model with Premium Tight Fit Cigarette Lighter Plug, Special Fitting (Vertical or Horizontal), Car, Automobile, Vehicle

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The ObboMed Heated Seat Cushion comes with a built in lumbar support and to help relief back pain from a long ride.In the winter you can receive enough warmth and comfort and also avoid sleepiness and dizziness by the car heater.There are two heating levels that you can choose from; the first option is pleasant constant warmth or fast heating, the choice is yours.For your safety there’s a thermostat to controlthe seat from overload and overheating, if so it will be quickly managed and reset. The ObboMed Heated Seat Cushion is equipped with a very durable elastic band that can be attach either in vertical or horizontal way to firmly keep your seat cushion in place the way you want them to be.

Key Features:

– Features 7 color options for you to choose

– Weight 1.75 pounds

– The product is 18 x 17.5 x 2.5 inches

1-Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion Hot Warmer – 2-Piece Set 12V Heating Warmer Pad Hot Black Cover

Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion Hot Warmer - Fireproof IMPROVED 2019 Version 2 pack 12V Heating Warmer Pad Cover Perfect Cold Weather Winter Driving

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The Zone Tech Heated Seat Cover will warm you up in minutes and help maintain metabolism and blood circulation. The cushion is made to universally fit all different types of car seats and even trucks. It is also light and portable which makes it even easier to take it from one car to another without actually using tools. In order to hold the cushion in place, elastic straps and hooks are provided to your need. The Zone Tech cushion will immediately heat up after you plug it into your vehicles 12 volt DC outlet and press the temperature control switch to get the warmth and comfort that you desire. But be sure to switch it off after use to avoid battery drains from your car.

Key Features:

– Weight 1.59 pounds

– The product is 2.8 x 18.5 x 38.5 inches

– The Zone Tech Brand is known worldwide for its superior product quality and service