Top 10 Best Phone Tripod in 2019 Review

Nothing connects us to the past better than a photo or video can do. And while there are amateur and pro photographers, having a blurry photo is the last thing anyone wants. This doesn’t have to be a challenge though, a phone tripod is all you need.

They are made of mostly aluminum alloy and come in 3-legged designs for stability. Sliding rods and tightening clamps are some of the dominant features in these stands. However, with all these aspects being virtually universal, finding the perfect phone tripod is never an easy task.

If you are setting out to shop for a new tripod for your phone, then we’ve got you covered. Here are the top ten phone tripods in town. Check them out.

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Xenvo SquidGrip iPhone Tripod, GoPro Tripod - Flexible Cell Phone Tripod Stand with Ball-Head 360, Compatible with iPhone, Android, Samsung, Google Smartphones, and ANY Mobile Phone (Red)
Fotopro Phone Tripod, 39.5 Inch Tripod for iPhone, Travel Tripod with Bluetooth Remote/Smartphone Mount, Lightweight Tripod for Samsung, Huawei
Lightweight Travel Tripod 48 Inch | Bluetooth Remote, Phone Mount, GoPro Mount, Carrying Bag | Premium Aluminum | Digital Camera, Android, DSLR, iPhone X, 8, 7, 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy | Photo, Video
Ravelli Lightweight Aluminum Tripod, Includes Carry Bag and Universal Smartphone Mount (61
Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Tripod, Remote 59Inch MFW Extendable Monopod with Tripod Stand for iPhone X/XS max/XR/XS/8/7/6/Plus,Tablet,Samsung S7/S8/S9,Android,GoPro Cameras
HEAVY DUTY Premium Selfie Stick Tripod Stand Best 4-in-1 Kit + Bluetooth Remote ZUUMO - Universal Set: For ANY iPhone Android GoPro Camera - iPhone XR X 8 7 6 S Plus Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S6 S5 Note
Qualmond Universal Flexible Tripod: Phone, Camera, Gopro Tripod Adapters for iPhone, DSLR, Smartphone-Sturdy,Lightweight, Handy Tripod Stand w/Bluetooth Remote Control-Octopus Style,(5 in 1)
Camera Tripod Phone Tripod 68 Inch Aluminium Lightweight Travel Portable for DSLR SLR DV Cellphone with Carrying Bag
Fotopro Phone Tripod, 47

1. Xenvo SquidGrip iPhone Tripod

Xenvo SquidGrip iPhone Tripod

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When it comes to taking your photography to another level, then this one is for you. It is versatile enough for use on Samsung Galaxy & Note, iPhone, Android Smartphones, and almost any phone. This tripod comes with a collection of many impressive aspects.

What’s cool

The Neo-rubber legs in this tripod virtually blow the competition away. These deliver a secure mount for your phone in any position you like. Whether you wrap these legs on a tree, chair, lamp or any object, you can make the most of the unrelenting holding power of this tripod to get different angles.

The portable design is also impressive. If you like photographing on the go, then this tripod is the go-to option. With the lightweight and compact design, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Besides, compatibility doesn’t come better. This tripod can work with virtually any device out there. From up to nine different iPhone models to six models of Samsung Galaxy, all the Samsung Note models as well as other Smartphone types, it is built for versatility.

A ball-head design also proves crucial. This design means you can rotate your camera up to 360 degrees for different vantage angles, even a bird-eye view. Not forgetting, handling it is super easy as you can swivel it and lock it in several positions.

Above all, it is highly durable. The robust all-metal construction on this tripod not only makes it ideal for heavy-duty use but also means it can last you for years.

What’s not so cool

The only thing you might need to mind about this tripod is that it will cost you quite more than most cheap options out there, but the quality is worth the price.

2. iPhone Tripod, Fotopro 39.5 Inch Camera Tripod

Fotopro 39.5 Inch phone Tripod

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Connectivity can bring about all the difference in your tripod, and this one is built for such performance. With a Bluetooth remote control, you can make the most out of any moment.

What’s cool

Among the many exciting aspects on this tripod is the vast array of compatible devices. Whether it’s your GoPro, Smartphone, or camera, it will get the job done. And it’s all thanks to its ability to hold up to 1 Kg weight.

It also comes with an ideal 3-way head that offers the much-needed tilt and swivel motion for several camera angles. When it comes to getting the best shorts with horizontal or vertical shooting angles, this tripod has all you need.

Further, the height adjustable design offers more options with up to 8-section legs for offering the height you need, especially between 11 inches and 39.5 inches.

Easy-use Bluetooth control also proves essential. You can use the phone Bluetooth control to shoot from a distance. This is essential for hands-free photos or videos, especially family ones.

The Smartphone clip mount is also outstanding. Along with the tripod bag, not only does the use of your tripod with a Smartphone become easy, it is also convenient for both use and portability too. Above all, it is built for travel, with a small enough compact design, and the assembly is always a breeze.

What’s not so cool

The only downside you might find on this tripod is that fitting your phone with the protective case on it might prove difficult.

3. Lightweight Travel 3-in-1 Tripod

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If you are looking for an all-around phone tripod, then this one is for you. With the ability to take on camera, iPhone, GoPro or Android as well as DSLRs, it is built for compatibility. And it has much more to show for it.

What’s cool

First up, this tripod is built for travelers who want to document scenes and events on the go. With the light and compact design, you can take it with you on a backpack without the worry that it will take much space or weigh you down.

The Bluetooth connectivity further makes it a go-to option for many. This tech means you can play or pause video recording or take photos hands-free. From solos to jumping pictures and group photos, you can capture everything at up to 30 feet away.

Its quick release mount also adds to the ease of use that this tripod delivers. This can prove handy especially when it comes to switching between an iPhone and a camera or a GoPro. Whatever you are mounting next, it all becomes a matter of seconds before you have all set up.

A heavy-duty premium construction is also something to be reckoned with. The high-quality aluminum frame in this tripod means you can entrust it with your treasured and costly camera or Smartphone. Remember, it also comes with a tripod bag included for storage and portability too.

What’s not so cool

As it turns out, the only shortcoming here is rather little feet at the bottom of this tripod.

4. Ravelli APLT4 41 inches Lightweight Tripod

Ravelli APLT4 41 inches Lightweight phone Tripod

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When it comes to any phone tripod, stability is crucial. And this one takes care of this crucial aspect with rubber feet. But it still has a lot more in store for you.

What’s cool

One of the things you will definitely go out of your way to love about this tripod is the lightweight yet robust construction. The tripod is made of aluminum frame and dense plastic as well as the lightweight design.

This means you can make the most of your tripod’s solid construction without worrying about excessive weight. Talking about the portability, you can also count on the carry bag that it comes with to make your work far easier.

The universal Smartphone mount also adds a yet impressive aspect to the ultimate construction of the tripod. With this feature on board, you can be sure to use it with virtually any Smartphone.

The lever leg locks are also something to go for. You can use your tripod on virtually any surface. Better yet, although it comes at a max height of 61 inches, you can still collapse it down to 19 inches according to your needs.

A pan and tilt design also mean you can use this tripod to shoot any portrait or landscape photos. You cannot afford to miss the quick release plate that means exchanging your phone on the tripod is super easy and fast too.

What’s not so cool

Despite the striking features in this tripod, it can be squicky when you pan it to the sides.

You might need a bit of getting used to using the mount to get the best out of it

5. Eocean 50-inch Aluminum iPhone Tripod

Eocean 50-inch Aluminum iPhone Tripod

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Nothing can bring out the best in any phone tripod than having a rechargeable remote for the job. But this is not the only thing that the tripod packs up its sleeve, it still has more to offer.

What’s cool

One of the things about this tripod that will certainly blow you away is its adjustable clamp. This makes it ideal for mounting any type of phone out there.

Besides, the compact and the lightweight design are far-reaching. With the weight only slightly over a pound, you can always carry it with you anywhere. And it doesn’t take up much space in your bag anyway.

Versatility is also crucial when it comes to the use of this tripod. You can use it with your digital camera, still camera, video camera, projector as well as GoPro devices and phone among others.

Moreover, the one holder adjustable clamp in this tripod is amazing. You can make the most of its 5.5 to 10 cm size range to fit virtually any type of phone on it.

Not forgetting, the sturdy aluminum alloy legs offer a much-needed steady and durable support for your tripod. It also comes with a carrying bag as well as a foldable compact design.

What’s not so cool

The stand is quite lightweight in that it can potentially topple over with a heavy phone on top.

Its Bluetooth device might turn out to be disappointing in some cases.

6. Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

Bluetooth Selfie Stick phone Tripod

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If you are looking to start taking your selfies and group photos from a distance, then this phone tripod is all you need. First up, the versatility is outstanding, since it can take on any device you throw at it.

What’s cool

If there is one thing that this tripod stands out with, it has to be the wide array of devices it can hold. Well, it can handle GoPro cameras, iPhones, and Tablet among others, and comes with several other impressive aspects too.

Its adjustable height is also something worth a hard look. You can use your phone tripod at any height between 15 inches and 59 inches according to your needs.

The Bluetooth remote control further offers a rather impressive performance too. With this feature, you can take pictures or videos from a distance of up to 30 feet, with a number of devices.

Stability is also unsurpassed since you can shift from the selfie stick to use the tripod or the stable shooting option. This construction makes the stand ideal for use on a tabletop or desk, uneven surfaces or wrapping on the back of a chair.

Nothing beats the anti-slip design and durable construction of this tripod. It comes with anodized aluminum rod and non-slip rubber handles that this stand features. So you can count on efficient use of your tripod for years on end.

What’s not so cool

Some users might find it quite short for their liking

Its locking mechanism is not so perfect

7. Premium Heavy Duty Tripod Stand

 Premium Heavy Duty Tripod Stand

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An easy to use and portable design might be all you need in a phone tripod, and this one is built to offer the best of both worlds. Well, the best part is that this stand further comes with other exciting features too.

What’s cool

If there is one thing you cannot afford to miss on a tripod, it has to be versatility. And this one is built to cater to numerous types of devices. From Android, iPhone, GoPro, and camera, it has got you covered.

Compatibility is the other aspect of this tripod. You can get the best of photos and videos; you can always get more with your stand according to your needs.

And when it comes to easy use, this tripod delivers where it counts. The rugged design of this stands makes it ideal for any type of adventure. It is lightweight and convenient for everyday use.

This folding mini-tripod further comes in as a handheld selfie stick. What’s more, it comes with a waterproof, adjustable telescopic camera pole that can stretch out several feet.

A wireless Bluetooth connectivity also offers easy use for capturing any shot you need with the shutter remote.

What’s not so cool

Extending the selfie stick might prove tricky, and if pushed too far, it might fall apart

8. Qualmond Flexible Tripod

Qualmond Flexible phone Tripod

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This tripod prospers in one thing; it is universal enough you can use it with your GoPro, camera, phone, and iPhone. But that is not the only thing it has to offer, you can still count on a lot more.

What’s cool

One of the things that stand out about this stand is the quality, durable construction in every single piece of this tripod. The materials are high quality for ultimate performance with the safe and reliable holding of your expensive device.

The versatile use of this stand further brings out the best in it. You can use it with virtually any device out there, from camera to GoPro, iPhone and other phones as well.

And when it comes to the setup, you can expect to get it ready and working in a matter of seconds. The mount is built well to make your setup super easy.

Better yet, carrying it around is as easy too. Its lightweight design and the perfect compact size make this tripod ideal for every on-the-go photographer.

To top it up, the ball head design brings on the much-needed stability if you want to capture captivating videos and photos. Factor in the octopus design, and you get a unique looking piece for your phone tripod needs.

What’s not so cool

Upon unflexing the legs, straightening them back out might prove a serious challenge

The legs might snap after a considerable time in tough use

9. Camera Phone Tripod 68 Inch

Camera Phone Tripod 68 Inch

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The question of portability on any phone tripod can be a concern for most users. This one has got you covered with a 2.8 pounds, this tripod is light enough for easy portability. And it has more impressive aspects to go for too.

What’s cool

The multiple angles that this phone tripod enables you to shoot from are what make it a darling for many. Whether vertical, high, low, or panoramic angle, you can always find that perfect vantage point for a perfect photo.

Its stability is also unsurpassed. First, the skid-proof mat keeps it steady, not to mention that it can support up to 2-5 kg. You no longer have to worry about the risk of your expensive phone or camera shuttering into pieces from a failure in the tripod.

Besides, the lightweight aluminum construction makes it sturdy while keeping it ideal for easy portability. This also comes along with the durability that this tripod can guarantee, with years of efficient use.

Now, you can adjust the height to cater to your needs thanks to the adjustable shaft. Therefore, you can set it according to any photo that you want to capture.

What’s not so cool

This tripod might cost you a bit more than most other options, but it delivers the quality you pay for.

10. Camera Tripod, iPhone Tripod, GoPro tripod with Phone Adapter

Camera Tripod, iPhone Tripod, GoPro tripod with Phone Adapter

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A camera with a detachable quick release plate design is not something you come across every day. This is not the only thing behind the uniqueness of this tripod since it has other impressive aspects too.

What’s cool

Before everything else, you will notice the versatility that comes with this tripod. With the ability o take on your iPhone, Fotopro, GoPro, digital cameras, Smartphones and much more, you can always count on it for more virtually any device you have around.

You can hardly afford to miss the lightweight construction and the compact design in this stand too. This means you can bring it with you on any adventure without compromising your trip.

The 4-section column leg further comes with a quick locking design that makes it efficient for use while still maintaining the much-needed stability. And with the ability to take on some quite hefty cameras, you can be sure this stand is built for heavy-duty.

Better yet, a lift-up center column, as well as the handle crank, makes it easy to lift up your phone or camera to the right height for a perfect shot. Above all, a Bluetooth remote control makes it the go-to option if you will be taking group and family photos quite often.

What’s not so cool

The iPhone holder can turn out to be quite small for most such phones out there.

Its legs can sometimes jam and prove difficult to slide back into position

Final thoughts

With any of these tripods, you can always make the most of every fun moment and keep a memento of every event that is worth it. So why not go out there and make the right choice. It all comes down to finding the perfect phone tripod that suits your needs and is within the set budget. Taking top-quality photos can’t get better!