Top 10 Best Portable Printer in 2019 Review

When you start planning and preparing for your next getaway, printing photos on the go might be the last thing to come to mind. Yeah, it happens so often that most people overlook this possibility in most of their trips. But what better way than capturing those incredible moments and printing them on a paper? Well, a portable printer is all you need. And they come in not only handy but in a great deal of variety too.

This means, however, that finding the perfect one in a sea of these printers out there can prove quite difficult. You still need not to worry, we’ve got you covered. If you are setting out on a holiday vacation or a business travel and you might just need to print something at any time, then a portable printer can come to your rescue. They are designed for portability, they won’t take much space on your luggage, but they still deliver where it counts. Read on to find the best printer for all your on-the-go printing needs.

  1. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

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A compact Bluetooth is one of the best options when it comes to printing your Smartphone photos instantly. Moreover, this HP portable printer not only features the right design for easy portability but all the aspects you will ever need for the job.

The good

First, this printer boasts a technology that doesn’t necessitate relying on ink. Combine this with the dedicated app, and you get the perfect images in seconds. It all boils down to how you customize it. Besides, another this portable printer packs in is the ability to print 2×3-inch stickable snapshots.

You will also have the Bluetooth connectivity to thank it for since you can connect several devices without having to deal with endless cables. Whether you want to invite your friends to connect their devices, you can do so and print stuff for them too.

Then there’s the HP sprocket app too, this helps you customize your printer as you want. Therefore, you can get a personal touch to realize the results you want.  This not only makes printing your files fast, it also makes things quite fun too.

And of course, you can’t beat the portability too.  Built at virtually the same size and weight as your standard Smartphone, you can tuck the printer in almost any pocket or bag and you are ready to go.

To top everything up, it produces super clear and quality images. This adds to the easy use and efficiency that this printer comes with to offer you nothing short of the best.

Onto the cons

There’s a downside despite all the great features. The app will only work with a 4.4 Android version or later, while iOS 8.0 or higher devices can work with it.

You will not need to worry about ink cartridges, but you will definitely need to get the right paper packages to use with this printer.

  1. HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer

HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer

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In most cases, when you want to print files on your way, all you need is a wireless, mobile printing machine. Well, this HP OfficeJet not only comes with what it takes to get the job done, with a quiet operation and lasting battery. And it has yet more in store for you.

The good

The all-in-one design in this printer means you can use it for more than one use. From printing to scanning and copying alike, this printer comes with the right design for an all-around performance.

Remember, this printer also proves versatile enough since you can use it with your Smartphone or a tablet. The feature further adds to the efficiency that you can count on once you lay your hands on this device.

It also comes with a touchscreen that features a bright color to offer for an unbeaten ease-of-use. Not forgetting, you will also have its great support for several paper sizes to turn to for different uses.

Do not let the high performance that this printer puts up fool you. It also proves to be one of the best when it comes to portability. The ideal size makes it perfect for carrying with you. Another great thing is the high optical scan resolution at 600 dpi. Besides, you can automatically process several pages if you use a vertical document feeder.

Above all, its wireless design is apparently worth every expense you front to get this printer. You can use this feature not only to print but also to share with several computers and other devices with its ease of connectivity.

When it comes to the controls, you will find this printer quite handy. Its color touch screen offers the control you need to keep several features and settings moving. And of course, it’s all you need to make the most out of your portable printer.

Onto the cons

On the downside, you can only print 5×7 inches at the maximum borderless size.

The ink cartridge might not be so great.

  1. SereneLife PICKIT20 Potable Instant Photo Printer

SereneLife PICKIT20 Potable Instant Photo Printer

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What can be more fun than a pocket-size portable printer that you can use to print files from Android, iPhone, or a Smartphone? That is what this printer is all about, and it has still more features that you will find handy.

The good

If you are looking for a portable printer for easy portability, then the compact design in this one is worth your attention. The mini pocket-sized design makes it ideal for travelers who are out of space but still want to print several files on the go.

Better yet, it doesn’t include the use of papers or ink. It comes with perfect self-contained cartridges that make printing up to 10 files easy. What’s more, changing them is a breeze too.

Its capability to keep charge is also worth a hard look. You can print up to up to 25 copies on a single charge, giving you an opportunity to make the most out of this printer when out there far from any outlets.

The other impressive thing about this printer’s cartridges is that they require little to no maintenance at all. The self-contained design not only comes in handy for the performance. It also helps keep your printer working for longer.

Onto the cons

Despite the many exciting features, this printer might not work as fine for some users; you may need to get additional cartridges.

  1. Fujifilm INSTAX SP-2 Printer

Fujifilm INSTAX SP-2 Printer

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If you have photos on your tablet or Smartphone, then this printer will prove handy in bringing them to life. Not only does it print in a high 320 dpi resolution, it also features many other exciting aspects too.

The good

Among the leading aspects, you can’t help loving about this device is the convenience it delivers. You can simply select the best photos out of your device and just send them to your portable printer.

Its rechargeable battery also offers something worth trying out. You can be sure to make the most out of this when on travel, especially at times when accessing any outlet might prove virtually impossible.

This printer also comes with a robust laser exposure system that offers a super fast printing. This design ensures you only need the shortest time when it comes to printing your files.

Then a dedicated app that makes things even better when it comes to getting the best out of your printer. And with two color variants as well as a color development on the tow, the performance goes a notch higher.

This printer further features several enhancements that make its operation quieter. Not forgetting, you have a highly-luminance LED that offers an ideal view as well as a reprint button when you want to print for friends too.

Onto the cons

One of the downsides of this printer is the possibility of spewing film after months of use.

Sometimes it might turn on and not print any photos.

  1. CANON PIXMA IX6820 Printer with AiPrint

ANON PIXMA IX6820 Printer with AiPrint

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Having a portable printer can be a great deal, but with one that features a cloud-compatible design is way over the top. This Canon not only offers this cutting-edge tech but also comes with a hoard of exciting features too.

The good

A wireless connectivity design in this printer holds true to the hype about Canon with its top-of-the-line performance. You do not need to struggle with a labyrinth of cables, and you can easily connect your printer with several devices for efficiency.

Another great thing about it is the high-performance five individual ink-tank systems. This design makes this printer one of the best options out there, and the high print resolution tops it all up.

You will also appreciate the high-speed printing at 14.5 images in a minute if you are dealing with web pages or documents. And you will have printed about 10.4 images in a minute in case of colored images.

The quality is also outstanding. You will get 9600 x 2400 dpi quality pictures with clarity on the details. So you don’t have to worry about substandard pictures with this device.

The other aspect you cannot afford to miss about this printer is the quiet operation. Then the My Image Garden software that makes its use super easy and fun since you can customize your images easily with editing tools.

Onto the cons

On the flipside though, it lacks a control panel.

It is also not so durable.

And for the starters, you might have to try to figure out how to print it.

  1. Canon Office CP1300 Wireless Compact Printer

Canon Office CP1300 Wireless Compact Printer

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You will find many such printers out there, but every pro knows the just crucial one with an AirPrint design can be. This one not only boasts this outstanding feature but also packs in many other impressive performance and quality aspects to go for as well.

The good

Any robust wireless portable printer always has something great for the user. When it comes to the connection, this one delivers where it counts as you can connect several devices without a problem.

It also comes with a new feature, the Party Shuffle. This offers multiple users an uncompromised wireless connectivity so they can print on the same printer at simultaneously. You will also love the dye-sublimation technology that it comes with too.

And there’s more, its user-friendly 3.2-inch LCD display has what it takes to present the options you need to make editing and printing your photos a breeze. Besides, the printer is quiet enough, making it ideal for office use.

Besides, this printer comes with an extra optional battery. This proves to be the go-to option for users who want to make the most out of this printer’s portability and use out there.

You cannot afford to miss the wide array of connectivity too. You can connect smart phones or tablets, and you can as well use orders from your memory card. But if you have a USB, then you will be ready to go too.

Onto the cons

One of the shortcomings of this printer is that it is not as compact as most others out there.

Setting it up can prove quite difficult

And getting the Wi-Fi to work might be a challenge too

  1. HP OfficeJet 200 Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet 200 Wireless Printer

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When it comes to getting a portable printer, up need to make sure you don’t settle for anything short of the best. The sheer performance that this printer delivers is one of the things you might consider when going for one. But you still have an array of features to enjoy too.

The good

Looking for a compact printer? Well, this one sounds more like it. With this gizmo handy, you don’t have to worry about printing stuff when traveling or out on a holiday getaway.

You can’t miss the input tray and a control panel too. The control panel comes with physical buttons that help make the control of your printer nothing more than a breeze.

The printers speed is quite incredible too. You can print up to eight text pages per minute, and about 7 pages for a colorful content. This efficiency offers you the necessary speed to print documents or pictures at a moment’s notice.

Its combination of black and tri-color cartridge design also goes a long way to enhance the performance. With these features handy, you can count on a full-color range when it comes to printing quality.

And with a USB and Wi-Fi support, you have your connectivity needs covered. Besides, this printer can pair with bots computers as well as mobile devices. So you don’t have to worry about connectivity problems down the road. And a 2-inch display makes it use quite easy too.

Onto the cons

You will likely feel some noticeable weight when carrying it.

It doesn’t include an all-in-one performance like most others.

You may run into possible problems with the battery.

  1. Epson WorkForce WF-100 Wireless Printer

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They don’t call it the WorkForce for nothing, this machine has what it takes to get you covered out there. You can count on the wireless connectivity to use it with other devices without problems. But wait until you see what features it brings along.

The good

This printer’s compact design and lightweight construction at 3.5 pounds are among the leading features that put it on the front line frontline as a portable printer. You can tuck it in virtually any bag and you will hardly notice any difference in weight.

It also boasts flexibility when it comes to the powering options including a USB battery or AC adapter as well as the connectivity. The combination of these makes it an ideal pick for someone heading to an uncertain frontier where you might have to improvise.

An automatic power-off function comes in pretty handy too. With this feature on board, you can get the advantage of saving on your battery’s precious juice for longer use. Not forgetting, you can connect several devices to your printer to keep any limitations at bay.

Then the 1.4-inch LCD display offers a great interaction between man and machine for easy use and to give you control. This feature is far-reaching when it comes to getting your printing done, and you have an opportunity to enjoy the fast printing that this machine offers.

Onto the cons

Its ink nozzle can clog a bit fast.

You have to change the cleaning pad after every two ink changes, meaning a bit more expensive.

Having the papers jamming might be a problem to deal with too.

  1. Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Printer

Lifeprint 2x3 Portable Printer

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If you want to make your photos come to life, then this printer will take you all the way. It has a quite straightforward printing process to show for the hype, but it still comes with much more benefits to make the most out of when using it.

The good

Among the things that will blow you away about this printer is that, you can send photos to printers being used by others. It’s a feature that you might find handy if you want to share files with your friends.

It also offers an unsurpassed performance thanks to its outstanding app. You can use the customization features, stickers, filters and borders that this app comes with to get the best results possible.

And a Bluetooth connectivity further goes a long way too. This can be crucial when establishing a connection between your printer and a smartphone without having to deal with meters of cables.

Wait, did you know that you could store your images in the cloud using this printer too. All you need to do is have an account, and you will get privacy settings on your side. That’s not all yet, the printer also proves to be super easy to use as well.

Another great thing about this printer is that you can actually print 2×3 photos and get a quality output. And the best of all? Well, you don’t have to turn to ink to get the job done. Above all, since the photos will have a stick texture on the back, you can attach them virtually anywhere you want.

Onto the cons

Despite the great features, the colors on the photos might be quite off the mark.

Its Hyperphoto features might not work with some smart phones.

  1. Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mini Printer

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It doesn’t always turn out to be easy finding a portable printer with the right compatibility to cater to your needs. But since this one is compatible with Android, iOS, Bluetooth devices as well as NFC, it boasts something every printer user wants. And it has more yet.

The good

If you want quality pictures then this printer is for you. With its ability to produce smudge-free photos, you have the right picture quality to share with friends and family for years.

You can also edit, add text as well as links to get the best out of this printer. The ease-of-use that this printer offers and this performance come together to create a robust machine you can count to get all those memories on paper.

The other great thing about it is its lightweight design. Not only is it compact enough for easy portability, at only 6.6 ounces, you can hardly expect it to weigh you down when you add it to your baggage.

What’s more, you will never need to use it with a computer connection. You can simply download a free Polaroid Mobile App and use it to unlock the adjustable and customizable features. These will come in handy if you are looking to editing your photos.

Onto the cons

Its pictures might turn out to be quite dark.

The colors may also differ from those on the original photo.

Possible jamming is something you might have to overcome too.


When it comes to getting the best portable printer, you don’t have to go to the end of the world to find one. You can always pick from the best options around town. Any of the printers here can go a long way to getting your printing needs covered. All you need to do is step up to the challenge and click that buy button. Select the one that best fits your printing needs and your budget, and you are good to go.

Best of all, you don’t need to bring your computer with you to make the most out of most of them. You can use a smartphone or other devices to get the job done. Whether it’s invoiced you want to print on a business trip or pictures to share the memories of a holiday well spent, these printers will take you there. What are you waiting for? Grab yours and hit the road.